Friday, January 28, 2011

Gasket and Grommet

Sometime it may be very confuse for one to mention a item is the gasket or grommet after they dismantle all the engine parts with all the gasket and grommet mess up on the floor.

Once they do the overhauling on the engine, they might notice there are quite a lot of rubber grommet item is not included in the overhaul set gasket. But since we call it grommet, we suppose not to classified them as under gasket categories and hence why should it be in the full set gasket.

So what will be the difference between this 2 items? In my very amateur explanation, I may said that "Gasket" function is to prevent leaking (Oil, Water or Air) between the 2 surfaces, while "Grommet" function is actually to prevent high vibration on the places where they are sitting on.

For one example, the upper photo show 2 types of rubber grommet that can be found in oil pump area (some may call timing area) in model of Perodua Kancil in Malaysia or Mira in Japan. The lower diagram will show where this grommet sitting at, look at the number of 40 and 34 in the diagram.

As the oil pump design consider as same for Kelisa, Kenari, Kancil L2 12V and Kancil L7 Turbo 3 Cylinder as well, this grommet may appear on this type of model.

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year for all and wish all our friends a Prosperous Lunar New Year with hopping wealth and health!

Monday, January 24, 2011


In the earlier post, I think I had touch about the Theta II engine which is the joint project between Japan Mitsubishi and Korea Hyundai, and for this type of engine, Mitsubishi may give the code as 4B10, 4B11 or 4B12, and Hyundai is giving the engine code like G4KC.

So what is the difference among this 2 type engines, first we look at the rocker cover gasket, the top item of the photo is for Mitsubishi engine and the lower item is for Hyundai engine, the looks of design is almost same, slightly difference on the plug seal portion which it is separated from the rocker cover gasket in Hyundai item.

For the cylinder head gasket, as usual the top item is for Mitsubishi engine and the bottom is for Hyundai engine, when we compare all the holes on the gasket, it may consider same on all area, but in my very personal view, I feel that the Japan item need to have much higher technologies to produce this gasket, especially when I wish to stressing the technologies where you can find the circle around the piston bore area.

The above is the intake and exhaust manifold gasket for Korea G4KC engine, both design are totally difference from Mitsubishi engine, I had post the photo of the 4B11 and 4B12 exhaust manifold gasket in my earlier post, for intake manifold gasket, the Mitsubishi engine is using rubber O-ring type instead of packing gasket material.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook Volume 57

The Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2010-2011 Volume 57 is issued on the month of October 2010, and a bit difference from the previous issue, the first few pages is the introduction on the new car and motorcycles impressions interview through the Japan local user.

As usual, Motor Parade portion is the brief introduction to the new car which it may introduce to Malaysia market 2 to 3 years later, the above Nissan Fuga is one of the model that in rumour will be use for Proton Perdana V6 replacement model.

Beside the passenger car, motorcylcle model also appear in the Motor Parade section.

And the cormecial vehicle such as light truck, lorry, busses and van.

The most important in the catalog section which we can look up for valuable information such as engine code.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Mitsubishi Lancer model which fit with 4B11 for 2.0 and 4B12 for 2.4 engine may become a popular engine that can be seen in Malaysia market. Thanks to the Proton which launch its Inspira model which the model is mostly derive from the original Lancer.

As Inspira didn't have 2.4 engine in their range, which they only put the engine on 1.8 and 2.0 capacity, hence 4B12 is not applicable to Inspira (But anyway, we know the car owner can do any modification here), the 1.8 engine will be using 4B10 and the 2.0 is the same 4B11.

So in term of engine gasket, do they have any difference? Beside the cylinder head gasket which will have the different bore size which depend on cc, the other significant different may be is their exhaust manifold gasket.

From the photo above, the top item is the exhaust manifold gasket for 4B12 and the bottom is for the 4B11 and 4B10, which you can see is the hole size on the exhaust portion and the screw hole position all are the same, but 4B12 have the extra metal part which made the gasket looks higher.

So is they any reason why they 4B12 have that extra metal area, normally they design of this kind of higher portion of exhaust manifold is said to protect the plug cable from the heat temperature coming out from the exhaust portion, since 4B10 and 4B11 don't have this portion, is the position of their plug cable is difference from 4B12?

Friday, January 14, 2011

L5 Turbo, L9 Turbo and now - L What Turbo????

In my earlier post which I found interestingly my stock of L5 and L9 valve cover gasket can't fix into this rocker cover.

This engine actually is from the same family of Daihatsu JB series 4 cylinders engine which all of them share the same cylinder head gasket.

At last I have the rocler cover gasket in my stock, but what should we call it? L5, L9 or L whatever, but owner need to be clear of which type of gasket they really need it to avoid wrong item been ordered.

Old Hyundai Sonata Rocker Cover Gasket

In the early day, most of the Korean car model is using the Japan made engine for their vehicle, like Hyundai is mostly have some related engine with Mitsubishi and Kia have the engine of Mazda.

But sometime, though the engine is derive from the Japan technologies, it is noted that the Korean like to do some minor changes to make their parts is not really same for those Japan item, like they might made the rocker cover with more wider grove hence you need a thicker gasket.

One of the example is the very old type of Hyundai Sonata, which the engine is similar for those Mitsubishi G62B engine for those YD model, but they just want to modified the rocker cover as such their gasket have 8 holes on it, whereby the Japan model type don't have this 8 holes.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 4A91 MIVEC Engine

Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 Z23AXSLHR is one of the new Mitsubishi model introduce to Malaysia market after the restriction of Mitusbishi to import their passenger car to Malaysia is lift since the Mitsubishi and Proton had stop their tie.

This new Colt had come with an engine which local market may not so familliar with it, its 1.5-litre MIVEC engine produce 77kw(105PS)/6,000rpm and 141N-m(14.4kg-m)/4,000rpm.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kancil L5 Turbo Housing Gasket

All the while, I thought thet Kancil L5 turbo housing gasket is same with those on Kancil L9 as their engine is from JB-series, though it difference by JB-DET and JB-JL. And now the question is this turbo housing can be interchangeable between L5 and L9 engine or not?

Mitsubishi Air Trek DOHC Engine Gasket

At a glance, this Mitsubishi Air Trek (The word of Air Trek should be separated or is combine as Airtrek?) DOHC engine code is noted as 4G63, but it seem the design of their engine have some minor difference when compare to those VR4 or Evolotion series use of 4G63.

The rocker cover gasket and cylinder head gasket itself is difference to those VR4, but the interesting item is we can see the turbo housing gasket, which they common call TDO5 for those EVO series, have quite a lot of difference, the gasket size on this turbo housing is bigger, is that the Turbo power from this engine is higher than those in EVO series?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nissan Urvan 3.0 ZD30DDTi Flywheel Oil Seal

In my past article, I did touch about the flywheel oil seal which come with the metal housing together, which is on Daihatsu JB-DET engine and Nissan VQseries of engine.

And normally this flywheel oil seal is not in the content of overhaul set gasket which many of them taking granted that this oil seal should be included.

And the most recent case is one of my customer buying the Nissan ZD30DDTi engine overhaul set gasket, which is using on Nissan new Urvan 3.0 diesel in Malaysia (In Japan it use on Safari and Terrano 3.0 for Y61 and R50), and they found the flywheel oil seal is not included in set.

After doing some sourcing, we able to buy the oil seal which as shown on the photo above, for a glance of thought, should this oil seal design as like this or should it design so that the oil seal can be change without replacing the housing? What is the rational on this oil seal design?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nissan QG18DD Engine

Nissan had introduce the Sentra N16 model in Malaysia for quite a few years, with the 3 types of engine QG15DE, QG16DE and QG18DE, which is 1,497cc, 1,596cc and 1,769cc respectively.

As this consider the Nissan QG series of engine is come from a same family, their engine gasket will have a lot of similarity with a minor difference on difference engine.

For cylinder head gasket, it is very common all of them is the same design but with only vary on the gasket bore diameter depend on the engine capacity on their engine piston diameter.

For rocker cover gasket, it is normally only have 2 types of it which QG15DE using their own type and QG16DE and QG18DE share the same rocker cover gasket, please note that this statement is for Malaysia local market which it may vary on other countries.

But as usual, there are still a chance for those engine imported into Malaysia which initially may not intended to be in local market, and this may apply to the QG18DD engine.

What is the difference in QG18DD engine? The info of their performance difference is easily can be find if you do your surfing homework good enough, one thing still need to be confirm is if the rocker cover gasket is difference from those QG18DE engine? Which I heard may be is only difference one screw hole on the gasket.