Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nissan QG18DD Engine

Nissan had introduce the Sentra N16 model in Malaysia for quite a few years, with the 3 types of engine QG15DE, QG16DE and QG18DE, which is 1,497cc, 1,596cc and 1,769cc respectively.

As this consider the Nissan QG series of engine is come from a same family, their engine gasket will have a lot of similarity with a minor difference on difference engine.

For cylinder head gasket, it is very common all of them is the same design but with only vary on the gasket bore diameter depend on the engine capacity on their engine piston diameter.

For rocker cover gasket, it is normally only have 2 types of it which QG15DE using their own type and QG16DE and QG18DE share the same rocker cover gasket, please note that this statement is for Malaysia local market which it may vary on other countries.

But as usual, there are still a chance for those engine imported into Malaysia which initially may not intended to be in local market, and this may apply to the QG18DD engine.

What is the difference in QG18DD engine? The info of their performance difference is easily can be find if you do your surfing homework good enough, one thing still need to be confirm is if the rocker cover gasket is difference from those QG18DE engine? Which I heard may be is only difference one screw hole on the gasket.

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