Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nissan Urvan 3.0 ZD30DDTi Flywheel Oil Seal

In my past article, I did touch about the flywheel oil seal which come with the metal housing together, which is on Daihatsu JB-DET engine and Nissan VQseries of engine.

And normally this flywheel oil seal is not in the content of overhaul set gasket which many of them taking granted that this oil seal should be included.

And the most recent case is one of my customer buying the Nissan ZD30DDTi engine overhaul set gasket, which is using on Nissan new Urvan 3.0 diesel in Malaysia (In Japan it use on Safari and Terrano 3.0 for Y61 and R50), and they found the flywheel oil seal is not included in set.

After doing some sourcing, we able to buy the oil seal which as shown on the photo above, for a glance of thought, should this oil seal design as like this or should it design so that the oil seal can be change without replacing the housing? What is the rational on this oil seal design?

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