Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mitsubishi Air Trek DOHC Engine Gasket

At a glance, this Mitsubishi Air Trek (The word of Air Trek should be separated or is combine as Airtrek?) DOHC engine code is noted as 4G63, but it seem the design of their engine have some minor difference when compare to those VR4 or Evolotion series use of 4G63.

The rocker cover gasket and cylinder head gasket itself is difference to those VR4, but the interesting item is we can see the turbo housing gasket, which they common call TDO5 for those EVO series, have quite a lot of difference, the gasket size on this turbo housing is bigger, is that the Turbo power from this engine is higher than those in EVO series?


Nizam Sora said...

how much is the mitsubishi airtrek gasket set?

Goh san said...

To Nizam Sora,

Thanks for your interest on the gasket, you may inquire for the price detail through email or in the FB page.