Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mitsubishi, Kia and Hyundai Valve Body Gasket

In my earlier post about the Proton Waja Valve Body Gasket, I thought that gasket is mainly for the Proton Waja model, but actually this gasket is follow with the transmission model used on those model, most probably they call the transmission model code as 4FA41, 4FA42, 4FA51, 4FAAB, 5FA51, 5FA5A and A5HF1.

Those transmission is common to use on Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Kia model of vehicle, most Proton model is using this type of transmission as well. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Daihatsu Copen Cero

What is your opinion on the latest Copen from Daihatsu? Name as Daihatsu Copen Cero, with a new looks from the previous Copen version, the K-Car fans in Malaysia may not have chance to drive the new Copen Cero, but they might interested on what engine is install in this model? Should it be able to transfer this engine to the local Perodua model?

According to the info from Wikipedia, this third generation Copen may installed with the Daihatsu KF-DET engine.

Daihatsu Copen
DAIHATSU COPEN Robe LA400 01.jpg
Production2002–2012, 2014-Present
Body and chassis
ClassKei car
Body style2-door roadster
LayoutFront-engine, front-wheel-drive
Engine1st generation
659 cc JB-DET I4 (t/c petrol)
1.3 L K3-VE I4 (petrol)
2nd generation
659 cc KF I3 (t/c petrol)
Transmission5-speed manual
4-speed sequential
Wheelbase2,230 mm (87.8 in)
Length3,395 mm (133.7 in)
Width1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Height1,245 mm (49.0 in) (1st generation)
1,280 mm (50.4 in) (2nd generation)
Curb weight810–830 kg (1,786–1,830 lb) (1st generation)
850–870 kg (1,874–1,918 lb) (2nd generation)
PredecessorDaihatsu Leeza Spyder

Model 2014, Japanese market

KF engine
  • 658cc 3 cylinders 12 valves DOHC intercooler turbo
  • Compression ratio — 9.5
  • Power — 47 kW @ 6400 rpm
  • Torque — 92 Nm @ 3200 rpm
  • Combined fuel consumption — 22.2 Km/L (MT) or 25.2 Km/L (AT)
  • Manual — KPMZ 5-speeds with ratios 3.181, 1.842, 1.250, 0.916, and 0.750, or
  • Automatic — KBPZ CVT with ratio 3.327 to 0.628

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 Crankshaft Oil Seal Design

The Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 Crankshaft Oil Seal or Flywheel Oil Seal seems look differently from the other conventional oil seal design, the extra portion that pop out from the oil seal side should have a special function for the technical person who design it, anyone know why is it design like that?