Thursday, March 28, 2013

Subaru Rocker Cover Gasket at a glance

Still the beginner on Subaru engine model, not really dare to import the overhaul set gasket and head set gasket due to lack of information on the model that have in Malaysia market, for a start, only keeping 3 types of EJ20 series rocker cover gasket.

All consider including Impreza, Legacy, Forester and Exiga, the remaining info will be the model code where they are using.

For the 1st type, it include model code such as BD, BG, GC, GF and SF.

Second type include model code BE, BH.

Third type include model code of SH5, YA4, YA5, BL5, BP5, GH8, BL9, BP9, BPH, SH9, GRF and GVF.

Other than the above model, there are at least 5 types of different kind of rocker cover gasket on various EJ20 series engine.

For the third type of rocker cover, it actually also use on Subaru Impreza EL154 engine, with model code of GH2, GH3, GE2 and GE3.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Creative Art Cars from el Tony

This is what I found accidentally when browsing for the car info on website, a website that have feature photo of car with the author creative art on it, I'm personally like the photo very much and think it may nice to become wallpaper on your PC desktop.

The photo showing here is a Toyota Crown, for more photo you may visit the website of

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WATER                                        FIRE                                        CRYSTAL

FCS                                         AERO                                           TS

Friday, March 22, 2013

So, is Toyota 1JZ-GTE or 2JZ-GTE?

For Toyota 1JZ-GTE car, you have Mark II, Crown for JZX90 model, for 2JZ-GTE car, you have Lexus GS300, Aristo, Crown and Supra for JZS14# and JZA80.

Cylinder head gasket wise, should be different, but if there are possible of swapping on the engine head, or the possible of interchange of use of cylinder head gasket, will it be possible to see the 1JZ-GTE cylinder head gasket on 2JZ-GTE engine?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Subaru EJ25 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket

If just look at the catalog, may be can few different part number on cylinder head gasket for Subaru EJ25 series engine, like EJ25D, EJ25DZ, EJ253, EJ255 and EJ257. And also commonly on their Subaru well known model of Impreza, Legacy, Forester and Exiga.

Although it is in different part number, the physical stock may looks alike.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hino N04C Cylinder Head Gasket

Looking at the Hino Dutro 300 N04C model cylinder head gasket, seem quite similar with the W04D type, but it is metal, and you may found the OEM gasket is in Toyota packing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nissan Silvia 2.0 S13 Head Set Gasket

Normal question from customer is, "Do you have Nissan SR20 turbo version engine gasket?", and our problem is, do you know how many type of  SR20 series engine Nissan have, there are SR20DE, SR20Di, SR20DET, SR20DT and SR20VE, and with each of them they may have some branch out model as well.

So what info normally we ask back for a further details? First, I normally ask how many pieces of the moon seal that attached on the rocker cover gasket, is it 3 or 4pcs? If it is 4, and I think it is rather straight forward which it should be Silvia 2.0 PS13 or S13 model with SR20DT engine.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1.2GPa Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability

Saw an article about ultra high tensile strength steel in Facebook page, so just browse through the Nissan Global website to find out the below interesting article.

Reviewing the material itself for weight reduction— this is Nissan’s perspective.

Vehicles’ weight and size have increased in recent years with the pursuit of safety and comfort. Weight reduction is an unavoidable path for automotive manufacturers, in order to improve on fuel consumption and reduce CO2. Nissan is consistently carrying out tasks right from material development in order to reduce body weight. In order to clear the challenges of “Weight reduction for reducing environmental impact” and “Impact safety improvement” at the same time, we have focused on high tensile strength steel, which is not only strong but also formable. We have progressed with its application on the vehicle body, and have innovated our design and manufacturing technology. This time, we have successfully developed a 1.2 GPa Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability with high elongation as compared to the previous 980MPa class high-tensile strength steel. Application has been increased to allow the material to be used for body structural parts with a complex-shape in order to further reduce vehicle weight.

Combining strength and elongation and changing the way steel plates are thought of— “1.2GPa Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability”

Generally, the elongation of the high tensile material is reduced if the strength is increased. The reduction in elongation causes “cracks” to occur cold-pressing of the material. Applications of previous high tensile strength steel had been limited as “cracks” occur during cold-pressing complex shapes. One of the characteristics of the newly developed 1.2 GPa Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability is in the compatibility of both strength and elongation through micronizing of the material structure as much as possible. As a result, the material is able to be applied to much more body structural parts than was previously possible. Furthermore, the 1.2 GPa Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability can be used for the body structural parts such as the center pillar rain hose, front roof rail, and side roof rail, thanks to the development of a spot welding method which suits this material. The 1.2 GPa Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability will be applied to post-2013 production vehicles, and we are targeting a weight reduction of approximately 15kg. Overcoming the most challenging of all obstacles in order to create cars able to protect people and coexist with earth’s environment— this is “Nissan of Technology”.

Technical Details

Relationship of material strength and elongation in steel plates

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Once upon of time of old glory

Found some old stuff of car logo plate in a shop, all this logo plate feature some old model in Malaysia which they have their old glory day in the year of nineteen seventies.

And I think, nowadays, if the car owner still driving this, they won't border the logo plate if the plate is broken or just detached and missing from their car.

This is another book that I found it in my late father in law collection, the volume 24 of the Japan Automotive Guide Book (1977-1978), inside the content featuring the model that also have their glory days in the periods of late seventies.

That is the earliest volume I can find in the bookshelves, imagine, the Guide Book is already in their volume 24 for the year 1977-78, I really wish I can have the volume 1 that I can browse through of it content, those are history that are how you can witness the car technologies evolve till today.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Toyota 2T-G Cylinder Head Gasket

What so special on Toyota 2T-G engine? It is just a product from 1972~ and I think the number of car is limited in Malaysia. So where to find the cylinder head gasket? As it have quite a number of inquiry from Sarawak and Sabah side.

Let's see what is the details on this 1,588cc engine, the cylinder head gasket is use in Toyota Carina 1.6, Celica 1.6 and Cresta 1.6, with model of TA22, TA23, TA27, TE27, TE27B, TE37, TE47 and TE71.

Further to the engine code of 2T-G, the 2T-GR and 2T-GEU engine also share the similar cylinder head gasket.