Monday, July 23, 2012

The Beuty of Transmission Technologies

Friday, July 20, 2012

Really have the RB20 Metal Cylinder Head Gasket?

Recently received quite a few call looking for the Nissan RB20 engine metal cylinder head gasket, I don't know if it is the same guy who looking all around Malaysia for this gasket, as the inquiry from a very much difference area in Malaysia, although is from north to south, east to west, but as the inquiry come in such a short period, may be one inquiry each day, that made me feel it should be the same person.

So I wonder why is the person so desparate for this metal cylinder head gasket, is it really that the original graphite cylinder head gasket also can't fufill his engine power?

Normally I will answer that I don't have one of this metal gasket, but, if the owner willing to use the RB26DET type of cylinder head gasket, I'm currently still have one, although most of the area of this gasket design are same, the diameter of RB26DET gasket bore is 3mm more than the RB20, want to give a try? With no guaranteed given though.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Exactly How Engine Work - video from Youtube

Sometime newbies involve in engine parts trading actually don't know the parts they are holding, keeping or selling is having what function, or where is it located in one engine, I think this video may be useful for the beginner who want to look deeper into an engine.

Friday, July 13, 2012

YRV K3-VET Cylinder Head Gasket with 1.2mm Thickness

Although it is a bolt on turbo engine, the original thickness of the cylinder head gasket for Daihatsu YRV K3-VET turbo engine is same with those without turbo which is roughly about 0.2mm, and I think this specification is well good enough for their turbo performance.

But still a lot of more fanatic racer, try to boost the turbo to a more higher pressure limit, until the original cylinder head gasket also can't coup with this condition, as such, the demand for a thicker cylinder head gasket emerge, which with the initial common thickness requirement is 1.2mm.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

World Engine Data Book 2011-2012 special editing MFi

Found a cover page on this "World Engine Data Book 2011-2012 special editing MFi" under the MotorFanillustrated page in Facebook, really feel like want to have one, although try to source it in the Kinokuniya Book Store here, still can't find it.

9月30日(金)発売予定の「MFi特別編集 ワールド・エンジン・データブック2011-2012」。

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Suzuki Disappear in 2013 - Really?

Just read through an article that compile in 24/7 Wall St. on Tens Brands That Will Disapper in 2013, the full article can be read in this link but for my surprise, Suzuki is under the list in the 6th rank, this article may talk about the brand status in America, which may not really seen in Asia region.

I'm not touching other brand as I more interested in what is the fact that made Suzuki in the list, below is what they wrote on Suzuki faith in U.S.

6. Suzuki
American Suzuki Motor sold 10,695 cars and light trucks in the first five months of this year. That was down 3.9% compared with the same period in 2011. The sales gave the manufacturer a U.S. market share of just 0.2%. One reason the company has trouble moving its vehicles is the poor reputation of its cars. In the 2012 JD Power survey of U.S. vehicle dependability, Suzuki’s scores in power-trains, body and materials, and features and accessories were below those of almost every other brand. One sign Suzuki is having trouble selling its vehicles is that it currently offers a very aggressive zero-percent financing package for 72 months on all of its 2012 cars, trucks and SUVs. Even with aggressive sales tactics, Suzuki cannot improve its position in the American market. Most of its cars sell for less than $20,000 and its trucks and SUVs for under $25,000. Almost every other manufacturer with a broad range of vehicles has flooded this end of the market with cheap, fuel-efficient models. Arguably the most successful car company in the U.S. based on growth — Hyundai — does particularly well in this segment.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HINO Small Truck Engine Gasket

HINO is wellknown in their truck manufacturing, the smallest truck that in my knowledge is also install with a 4,009cc engine, the older Hino Dutro W04D/W04E is using the similar to one of the Toyota 1W engine on their WU75 and above series of Dyna and Toyo-Ace.

The H04C Dutro 300 is also a 4,009cc engine, which made us suspect it should be same family with those W04D, may be there are some minor design modification on some area.

And after the 4,009cc model, the next bigger cc should be using the J05C engine, which we think it may be still suitable for passenger car and small truck parts dealer to carry its parts, and those size bigger than J05C will be category to those big truck territory, even J05C size is consider in the grey area, small truck player may consider it too big and big truck player may consider it too small.