Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HINO Small Truck Engine Gasket

HINO is wellknown in their truck manufacturing, the smallest truck that in my knowledge is also install with a 4,009cc engine, the older Hino Dutro W04D/W04E is using the similar to one of the Toyota 1W engine on their WU75 and above series of Dyna and Toyo-Ace.

The H04C Dutro 300 is also a 4,009cc engine, which made us suspect it should be same family with those W04D, may be there are some minor design modification on some area.

And after the 4,009cc model, the next bigger cc should be using the J05C engine, which we think it may be still suitable for passenger car and small truck parts dealer to carry its parts, and those size bigger than J05C will be category to those big truck territory, even J05C size is consider in the grey area, small truck player may consider it too big and big truck player may consider it too small.

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