Thursday, July 31, 2014

Subaru IHI RHF4 Turbo Gasket

This 2 pieces of Turbo outlet gasket is originally for Subaru engine normally in EJ20 series with IHI RHF4 turbo, but it is learn that some of the Kancil L5 Turbo fan is changing this type of turbo to their JB-JL engine, may be looking for a more powerful performance.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Toyota 1JZ-GE and 1JZ-GTE Gasket

When customer just mention they need Toyota 1JZ engine gasket, we normally need to ask them again whether it is a 1JZ-GE or 1JZ-GTE engine.

So is it many differences between 1JZ-GE and 1JZ-GTE engine gasket, yup, actually the main content all are not the same items, the cylinder head gasket for 1JZ-GE is thinner than the 1JZ-GTE, the rocker cover gasket for 1JZ-GE using 2pcs with both different part number, where else 1JZ-GTE using 2pcs but both are the same part number. Intake and Exhaust manifold gasket also different from 1JZ-GE and 1JZ-GTE.

1JZ-GE is originally for Toyota Aristo or Crown under JZS13# model and 1JZ-GTE is originally for Toyota Mark II or Crown under JZX90 model. The most simple question is "Your 1JZ is with or without turbo".    

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mitsubishi EVO 9 Full Set Gasket

So is it the last series of Mitsubishi Evolution under the 4G63 engine? Mitsubishi EVO X is using the 4B11T engine which we may consider Mitsubishi EVO 9 is the last version of EVO 4G63 engine.

Though it is a 4G63 engine, there are quite some modification can be found when compare to the previous version of EVO, the rocker cover gasket have 4 cam curves area instead of 3 cam curves area in the previous EVO, the turbo charger outlet gasket seem bigger from the previous version.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Toyota 1MZ-FE Air Surge Gasket

Toyota 1MZ-FE engine, a 3.0 V6 engine which basically found on those MCU# and MCV# model, seems like have quite a number of section under their intake manifold system.

There are one air surge gasket, under their intake manifold, which some may just call it as intake manifold gasket.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Daihatsu Sonica Engine Gasket

As Malaysia market have quite a lot of K-Car fans, may be this engine will be their modification target in the future.

Daihatsu KF-VE engine, which is use on Daihatsu Sonica model, is actually introduced by Daihatsu in the year 2006 but the production is discontinue in April 2009 without a direct successor.

Although the Daihatsu Sonica is discontinued, but its KF-VE 3 cylinder 658cc engine may continue to use on other models, it is learn that a Toyota Pixis Space model is also using the same engine.