Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mitsubishi 4G15 DOHC

Mitsubishi 4G15 is a very popular engine in Malaysia, it can be say it is the heart of success for the local car manufacturer Proton, it use on the old Proton Saga, the 1.5 Wira and the old type of Satria as well, this SOHC 12 valves engine is mainly use in Mitusbishi Mirage or Lancer for the body type of C61A, C62A, C72A, C21A, C22A, CA2A and CB2A.

Their parts become a very fast moving item in local market (Malaysia) as the road is flooded with 4G15 engine, since the local foreman is too familiar with the 4G15 engine, it is quite a suprise for them when they first meet the 4G15 DOHC 16 valves engine in their workshop.

Not only them, may be some of the parts supplier will tell you no such engine if you are looking for the parts.

Anyway, this engine is existing, we don't know how this engine found in local market, we can just pay our respect to those dare to bring this engine in to this country, for the first badge user may have the risk of can't find the correct parts for them.

Since there are inquiry for the engine gasket as well, I will introduce the gasket in my future post after I compose all the neede details and info. Though it is a 4G15 engine, of course their part price for DOHC can not be compare to the SOHC one, you may found if the items is not interchangeable between this 2 type of engine, the price of the parts may let you think twice if you would like to change it or not.

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mhlim said...

hi, im actually just install this engine (4g15 dohc) into my car (saga BLM auto). but the wiring man messed up and im having problem after i shift from 'D' to '3'. can u recommend me any technician i can refer to for help?