Saturday, September 25, 2010

Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0 Gasket

Volkswagen car is not a stranger in Malaysia, it had been in Malaysia for quite a long history, but only recently it seem they start advertise agressively on their fleet such as Passat CC, Golf, and even Eos, this may due to some recent development between VW and the DRB-HICOM which VW may wish to assemble some of their fleet in Malaysia with joint venture with DRB-HICOM.

One of the earliest fleet for VW in Malaysia may consider as Beetle, Beetle also had evolve year to year until they call it New Beetle, with engine type range from 1,390cc to 3,189cc, which I think the 1,984cc is the popular type in Malaysia.

For the 1,984cc type of engine itself, it carry also engine code such as AEG, APK, AQY, AZJ, BDC, BEJ, BER and etc. with I4 SOHC 8 valve.

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