Sunday, September 12, 2010


Actually I'm not really want to talk about the ignition coil on this topic, what I'm wish to say is the "Claim" culture in the automotive spare parts in Malaysia market.

In the early day when parts are mostly imported from Japan, they are less claim issue due to their quality is proven, but since nowadays the China manufacturer try to penetrate the share of market, they start to promise on the policy that "Item can be claim if it is malfunction after it is install on the vehicle." And some even given the guaranteed time frame after install.

In this high competition market, I respect the Hitachi Ltd. which their policy still not except claimage on their Ignition Coil item (I don't know for their other product). Even some customer give back the coil stated it is not functioning, it most probaly will return back to the customer after all the testing from Hitachi, their report most probaly show the coil is still OK.

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