Friday, July 30, 2010


Currently most of the oil pan in new engine model didn't use gasket, they originally using the silicone gasket maker, but some how, due to the more manhours to deal with all the silicone gasket maker cleaning and the waiting time to let it dry, they are quite a lot of oil pan is come up with packing sheet type gasket for this oil pan.

Thickness thickness thickness

Ford Ranger WL engine Cylinder Head Gasket with thickness 2.0mm

Honda SM4 Cylinder Head Gasket with thickness 1.5mm

Honda CRV, SR4 VTEC DOHC also have 1.5mm thicness

Perdana V6 metal head gasket with 1.5mm thickness

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It is another set back for me when one of my customer sent a photo cylinder head gasket to me, I check all the catalog I have and can't find any close to the design of it. By the way, forget to mention my customer had stated this is from the "TUAH" truck which is selling at the local from the Lion Group of Company in Malaysia.

With no other way, I have to source from the "TUAH" OEM dealer to service my customer, than I notice that this type of engine actually is originated from China, no wonder I can't find it in the Japanese enginr catalog.

Actually there are quite a lot of China made vehicle is attach with Japan made engine, and it is known that one of the Tuah truck engine with 1048 model is attach with Japan type of engine as well, it is very interesting for me to find out that this 1032 model is install with China local made engine.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It never come across to my mind to sell the engine gasket on Volkswagen range of model as my main line is to provide mainly Japanese passenger car model engine gasket. It happen one of my customer call me up to look for the Volkswagen New Beetle 1984cc type of engine cylinder head gasket.

As I don't have the item in my own inventory, I try to source for him by the details and photo on the engine block he given.

At first, he wish to find the carbon material type of gasket, since the OEM material is metal, I can manage to source for the metal type, personally, I don't encourage user to change the material type diffrence from the OEM specification, although there are quite a lot of Japan engine model cylinder head gasket had been change from metal to graphite in local market by themself.

It is a very nice experience on getting know this Volkswagen Beetle cylinder head gasket, and I think I may consider start to source for the gasket for Mini Cooper model.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mitusbishi Storm V6 Engine

Mitsubishi 6G7series V6 engine which normally attached on their Pajero model in Malaysia market had come up with the Storm model, normally Mitsubishi Storm is attached with 4D56 type of engine with diesel engine, now the petrol 6G72 engine attached on this Storm can be found on the V83W and V93W model.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Most of this blog topic is talking on the engine gasket which mainly for Japanese vehicles model, in this post, we are just like to show a full set gasket content in a photo, which is use for Grand Cherokee Jeep 242 4.0L, in this photo, you may notice the special design on their rocker cover gasket and the oil pan gasket between them and others Japanese engine model.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

iGreenAd Website

When people want to shop online or to sell their product online, may be they will think on e-Bay or, in Malaysia, is quite remarkable on building their site as one of the popular local online shopping website.
But recently had come out some new concept as PRO Niaga, whereby the user need to buy credits for publish advertisement on their website, currently there are one new website which call iGreenAd under which can place your ad free on it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Toyota 1JZ and 2JZ

When a customer looking for me for Toyota 1JZ engine head set gasket, I manage to get him one, after he get the gasket, and compare with the cylinder head gasket that already dismantle from the engine he notice that the thickness is diffrence, my once is only about 0.4mm where the sample show about 1.35mm.

After that there are quite some customer call up looking for the thicker 1JZ cylinder head gasket, and we found that there are people selling this type of gasket in cometic brand or others with quite a high pricing tag.

Since than I quite confuse why the 1JZ engine need that thickness of gasket, only than I mange to get the 2JZ-GTE Turbo cylinder head gasket from "KP", it is quite suprise that I found this gasket thickness is 1.35mm and the design of the gasket is similar with 1JZ engine.

I wonder if the 1JZ and 2JZ cylinder head gasket are actually the same gasket and only the thickness diffrence which made they put in 2 diferent part number.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kancil L2 Turbo Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Malaysia had a lot of Kancil owner had modify their normal 6 valves engine to 12 valves turbo engine which they like to call it L2 turbo engine.

Although there are a lot of this L2 engine in Malayasia (The correct way to call this engine type should be Daihatsu EF-EL engine), it is quite difficult to get the quality engine gasket for this type of engine as most of the part are found in Japan, others which made locally are far away to be consider as a correct parts to be use in this engine.

In this article, we first introduce the diffrence between the local made and the original parts for exhaust manifold gasket on this engine.

In the photo, you can see the local made gasket is only using the normal abestos gasket sheet, which is doubt in sustaining the pressure and temperature that produce from this engine. And just look at the original parts, beside it is made by the high quality stainless steel, at each important hole there are bound with extra steel ring to made it more durable.

Of course, the price for this quality gasket easily cost about RM70 per piece which made the local product which may cost only between RM10 to RM20 still sellable as it may more affordalble for the car owner, but the effect to the engine may cost them more maintenance in the future if the wrong parts is use.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Safe the world resources

Normally I only talk about automotive spare parts especially engine gasket in this blog, many may wonder what is the relation on safe the world resources with this spare parts industry.

First of all, I would like to explain that all the engine gasket no matter in what material, it had already have its own specification and requirement on how can they stand for the pressure and temperature.

Normally with the needed specification, the material of this parts is not that cheap as they need to go through many processes and quality assurance tested. But with the highly competition, many player try to source for cheaper parts to get more profit in the market, guess what happen?

Many of this cheap material may just make up the shape it likes the original parts, but it normally can't stand the original pressure and temperature specification requirement, hence if consumer bought the cheap parts for the cost saving, may end up need to change the parts frequently as this parts broken easily.

It end up actually we are keep wasting all this resources from earth which we use it in the wrong area, this material may suitable to use in other area but just wasted in the wrong place.

This may occur in other industry as well beside the automotive spare parts industry, for sure, if we buy a more quality parts with a higher price, the parts may more durable and the chances to change the parts again is lesser and we save the resources in return. If we count on the labour charge that if we change the same parts too frequently, may be it is more costly if we buy a quality parts and get the labour charge once only.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mitsubishi Triton 4D56

Since Mitsubishi come out with their Pajero Diesel 4D56 engine series, this type of vehicle is quite accepted in Malaysia market for every series they come out, from Pajero, to Storm and now latest with Triton, of course included Triton Lite.

The early series of 4D56 (which actually the first should be 4D55) cylinder head gasket as usual their material is slilicone type or the abestos free material, than it improve to graphite type and now of course it come to metal type.

Even the latest series of 4D56 Triton had improve to 16 valves engine instead of 8 valves in the pass year. Besides the increase of engine valves, it also move from SOHC to DOHC.