Thursday, April 28, 2016

Honda Accord 3.5 V6 Rocker Cover Gasket

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Honda V6 Engine under the J series, comprise of J30A and J35A engine, can be found in some model like Accord, Acura and Odyssey, their first type of the engine using the same rocker cover gasket for both side of engine, which is OEM part number is 12341-P8A-A00 or 12341-RCA-A01.

There are one model which it have a different rocker cover gasket in the other side, which its part number is 12351-RDV-J00, wonder what is the purpose for this model to create a curve slot at the rocker cover, should be have the reason and with a special feature on it.

Friday, April 22, 2016

THO Oil Seal, Plug Seal, Valve Seal

In the KP Gasket Set, for the content like oil seal, plug seal and valve seal, mostly there are from THO.

THO Horiuchi Shoten
THO is a Japanese manufacturer of rubber seals (oil seals,valve seals,engine sealswheel bearing seals …) for Japanese and Korean cars. The factory was founded in Year 1957. and today is one of the biggest brands in the field of sealing material. It is represented through a network of distributors worldwide. THO products confirm to ISO 9001 standard. All products are MADE IN JAPAN
Nacional Auto Ltd. is an authorized distributor of Shouten Horiuchi company who is the producer and owner of THO brand.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Subaru Legacy 2.0 BF Rocker Cover Gasket

Recently come across with a Subaru old EJ20 engine model rocker cover, which found in Legacy BC and BF model, the design is a bit different from a newer type of EJ20 engine, which the later version may have 4pcs plug seal separately for 2 side of rocker cover, for this model, only 2pcs plug seal is separated, the other 2pcs which is attached at the rocker cover side.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nissan Oldest Skyline Engine Gasket?

11044-28507 11044-28502 11044-78510 11044-78508 11044-EE602

It is interesting to flip back some old catalog and check what is those model is really hard to find in the current new catalog, and I think this model should be the most forgotten model I think.

May be is the oldest model in Nissan Skyline fleet, the G15 1,483cc engine can be trace back until in the year of 1968~, with C10, VC10 and WC10 model.

Later on with the G16 and G18 engine, with 1,593cc & 1,815cc respectively, Laurel fleet is coming in with model like 100K, 180K and PC10, also have the history back to 1968~

Nissan Skyline C10

G20 engine is the final model for this G series of engine. With capacity of 1,990cc, under model of PC30, PC310 and 200L, which history can be trace back until 1970~

But if we look at the info under Wikipedia, the first Skyline can be trace back to year 1957~ under Prince Motor Company, and before the G15 engine, there are also have the G1 engine, I'm really wish to know what is their gasket looks like.