Friday, December 29, 2017

Wishing all a very Happy New Year, cheers for 2018

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv Engine Gasket

Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv engine is different from their previous version of CX-5 which mainly using LF, L3, L5 engine, the Skyactiv version is mainly using PE and PY engine code for their 2.0 and 2.5 version.

It is more straight forward on the Skyactiv engine gasket parts, which can be known from their parts number, for PE engine, their head gasket and rocker cover gasket will use PE01-10-271 and PE01-10-235, while for the PY engine, their part number will be PY01-10-271 and PY01-10-235. Some of the parts between this 2 engine are interchangeable.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook vol.64

The Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2017-2018 vol.64 version can be seen as the speed of technology that changing the motor vehicles world, in their latest issue, they are more emphasize of the latest technologies like self driving, intelligent sensor feature and electrical vehicle.

It will be interesting to see in the next few volume in coming years, combustion engine vehicle may be seen getting lesser and lesser in their vehicle list.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Ford Kuga 1.6 Top Set Gasket

Let's have a looks again for one non Japanese model gasket, as it is interesting to see how is the design of those non Japanese model gasket also.

This is the top set gasket for Ford Kuga 1.6, under engine of JQDA, JQDB, JQGA, JQMA, JQMB, JTBA, JTBB, JTDA, JTDB, JTJA, JTMA, JTWA, JTWB and YUDA, also applicable for C-MAX, FIESTA, FOCUS, GALAXY, MODEO, S-MAX under the engine range.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Toyota 2TG and 18RG Full Set Gasket

It had been a long time ago when we keep considering and actually made decision to stop continue importing Toyota 2TG (2T-GEU) and 18RG (18R-GEU) full set gasket for the domestic market here in Malaysia, indeed, if only considering the demand for the Malaysia market, we should be stop importing it much earlier.

But there are oversea customer that continue inquire for this 2 type of gasket, which I'm feeling impress with their ability to continue to keep those classic Toyota Celica and Carina in the tip top condition, but I feel this time should be our last batch on importing this 2 model of gasket, as everyone now is talking about the disruption of combustion engine which will be take over by EV in the next 10 years time.

Mitsubishi Evolution X Full Set Gasket

Mitsubishi Evolution series from 1 to 9 version is basically is power by the 4G63 platform, although from 1 to 9, the engine have many improvement but basically we can see some similarity on their gasket side due to there are from 4G63 family.

But Mitsubishi Evolution X ( EVO X ) is using an engine totally different from 4G63 series, it is 4B11T engine.

The 4Bseries engine, with 4B10, 4B11 and 4B12 is consider a joint development engine between Mitsubishi and Hyundai Kia, with Hyundai Kia using the engine code like G4KC, but later on both Mitsubishi and Hyundai Kia is building their new engine base on this 4Bseries platform for their own new model, 4B11T and 4J10 can be consider from Mitsubishi and G4NC for Hyundai Kia.

The 4B11T engine have a special flywheel oil seal with metal housing on it which other 4Bseries flywheel oil seal is just purely an oil seal without the metal housing.

The turbocharger gasket kit content in the 4B11T full set is also different from other turbocharger found in 4G63 engine, from their size of design, it seem the turbocharger in 4B11T produce much more power than those in 4G63 bolt in turbocharger.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Daihatsu Hijet 660 EF-SE Intake Manifold O-ring

Recently there are some inquiry about the gasket for Daihatsu Hijet 660 EF-SE engine, which also in Daihatsu Atrai S200C and S210P model, the intake manifold for this engine is also have a bit different design from other Daihatsu model, which the intake manifold gasket is actually 3pcs separate o-ring.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Honda R18A and R20A Oil Pump O-Ring

Honda Civic 1.8 and one of the CRV model in Malaysia market is install with R18A and R20A engine, which is also found in one of the Proton Perdana engine, their oil pump have 3 o-ring just like the red circle mark in above diagram, and you can watch where actually the o-ring situated in the physical oil pump as below photo.

It is not understand why the overhaul gasket kit didn't include this 3 o-ring in their content, where it need to be purchase separately, of course, at KP, we have the o-ring readily to serve your need.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Honda Insight Hybrid Plug Seal

This Honda Insight Hybrid engine have a very special type of plug seal, the plug seal have a metal housing which normally other type of plug seal don't have, the OEM part number is 12343-RGA-003.

Subaru WRX Rocker Cover Gasket Kit

Subaru EJ series is well-known for its variety design on their engine rocker cover, though there are many types of rocker cover gasket, mostly they share same deign of plug seal and the rocker cover seal washer, except for some 2 to 3 model, here is one of the EJ series engine with a different type of plug seal.

This is the rocker cover from a Subaru Legacy 2.5 EJ255D engine, which may found in some Subaru WRX model as well, you can clearly see the plug seal design is different from other Subaru EJ series plug seal.

Basically to change the gasket for both side of this rocker cover, the gasket content you need is 1pc rocker cover gasket 13270-AA040, 1pc rocker cover gasket 13272-AA040, 4pcs of plug seal 13293-AA030, 4pcs of half moon seal 11051-AA070 and 12pcs of rocker cover seal washer 13271-AA051. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Toyota Supra 3.0 2JZ-GTE Gasket

Toyota Supra 3.0 Turbo which using the 2JZ-GTE engine, is consider one of the favourite engine for high performance modification, it even have their fan who install it on the BMW vehicle, for their gasket kit, it is among one of those highest in term of price when compare to our other gasket kit collection, this post is to sharing some of the photo of the engine and their gasket as well.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Mazda's rotary engine to double range for electric cars

TOKYO -- Mazda Motor plans to release electric vehicles equipped
with range-extending rotary engines in the U.S. and Europe in 2019,
bringing back a signature technology as it responds to tougher environmental
rules in key auto markets.

A gas-fueled rotary engine can generate power to run the motor in an
electric vehicle, letting automakers get by with a smaller battery or increasing
the distance the car can travel. Mazda in 2013 equipped a prototype electric
car with a rotary engine that doubled its range compared with a standard electric
compact. BMW offers a similar gas-fueled range extender for its i3.

The rotary engine, which uses rotors rather than the pistons seen in conventional
combustion engines, is small but powerful. Mazda released the world's first car
equipped with this unusual engine, the Cosmo Sport, in 1967. The automaker
ceased production of vehicles with rotary engines in 2012.

With California and other U.S. states adopting stricter quotas for zero-emission
vehicles next year and Europe tightening environmental regulations as well,
demand for electrified vehicles is set to grow. Mazda hopes to capitalize on this
trend with the new model, its first mass-market electric vehicle.

The new car, expected to be a compact, will likely be produced at existing
Japanese facilities. Mazda will determine when it will go on sale in Japan based
on local demand.

Source: Nikkei

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Nissan Fairlady Z33 350Z Rocker Cover Gasket

The Nissan VQ35HR engine, which found in Nissan Skyline V36, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan 350Z under Z33 model, have a rocker cover that design a bit different from VQ35DE version, look at their rocker cover gasket, they come together with an extra rubber seal as shown in below photo, one may thought it is a plug seal, but it only have 2 holes where this V6 engine have 3 plugs at each side, when you check on the diagram above, you may have an idea on where is this seal located in the rocker cover.

Forget to mention, some Infiniti model like G35, EX35, FX35, M35 and Q50 is using this engine as well.  

Friday, October 20, 2017

Honda L15B7 Cylinder Head Gasket

Honda latest L-series engine, L15B7, which found in Honda Civic FC1, FC3 and FK4, the cylinder head gasket still can find a bit similarity to their previous L-series head gasket, but actually it is consider it have the most changing in design if compare with the previous few version of L-series of cylinder head gasket.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Timing Tensioner

Just a sharing post after sourcing the Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Timing Tensioner for customer, can you find the parts in the parts diagram?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mitsubishi I engine bay

Mitsubishi i is actually a kei car with a combustion engine in it which is quite different with Mitsubishi i-Miev which is fully power by electric, it is understand that Mitsubishi i have a variant of engine like 3B20 and 3B20T, we got an inquiry from India customer which is looking for the full set gasket on the 3B20T engine, though the deal didn't go through due to the high courier charge to sent a set from Malaysia to India.

Ever since then, I rarely hear anyone inquire on this model engine gasket which I heard Mitsubishi already stop their production on this model since 2012 (They start their debut at 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show and start the mass production on 2005).

It is indeed a very small car, until I found out the engine is actually sit at the back of the car and not at front in most conventional car.

It is known that Mitsubishi i-Miev is actually selling in Malaysia but I still not really known if this Mitsubishi i is actually on the road in Malaysia.