Friday, October 20, 2017

Honda L15B7 Cylinder Head Gasket

Honda latest L-series engine, L15B7, which found in Honda Civic FC1, FC3 and FK4, the cylinder head gasket still can find a bit similarity to their previous L-series head gasket, but actually it is consider it have the most changing in design if compare with the previous few version of L-series of cylinder head gasket.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Timing Tensioner

Just a sharing post after sourcing the Ford Ranger T6 2.2 Timing Tensioner for customer, can you find the parts in the parts diagram?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mitsubishi I engine bay

Mitsubishi i is actually a kei car with a combustion engine in it which is quite different with Mitsubishi i-Miev which is fully power by electric, it is understand that Mitsubishi i have a variant of engine like 3B20 and 3B20T, we got an inquiry from India customer which is looking for the full set gasket on the 3B20T engine, though the deal didn't go through due to the high courier charge to sent a set from Malaysia to India.

Ever since then, I rarely hear anyone inquire on this model engine gasket which I heard Mitsubishi already stop their production on this model since 2012 (They start their debut at 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show and start the mass production on 2005).

It is indeed a very small car, until I found out the engine is actually sit at the back of the car and not at front in most conventional car.

It is known that Mitsubishi i-Miev is actually selling in Malaysia but I still not really known if this Mitsubishi i is actually on the road in Malaysia.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nissan VQ25 NEO Di Rocker Cover Gasket

Recently there are some Nissan Cefiro owner change a VQ25 engine which they call NEO Di, actually not sure this VQ25 should be in the VQ25DE variant or VQ25DD variant, they car owner with this engine normally will encounter a difficulty to source one side of the rocker cover gasket in this V6 engine, as another side of rocker cover gasket is just same as other VQ25DE engine which found in Teana.

If you would say it is a VQ25DD engine which use in Steagea, the rocker cover gasket actually can't match for the Stegea model with this NEO Di model, but under the VQ30DD in Skyline V35 model, you may possible found one of their model is in such design.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cars in 2025

As a player in automotive engine gasket fields, one must follow up and concern about the trend that will make internal combustion engine as history, more and more news on the new electric vehicle (EV) and renewable energy is pop up in our front page.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mitsubishi EVO 9 and EVO X Turbo Housing Gasket

The Turbocharger in the EVO 9 and EVO X is difference from the previous Mitsubishi Evolution version.

The turbocharger housing gasket is design in thicker thickness compare with the previous version and their intake and outlet hole are bigger also, which basically prove it is more powerful than their previous TDO4 version.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Infiniti Q45 Rocker Cover Gasket

Infiniti Q45 model with VH45DE engine have 2 variant of rocker cover, one of the type is seem they not using any rocker cover gasket like the conventional type of gasket, it only use 2 pieces of moon seal and 2 pieces of small o-ring.

But in the other variant, it us the gasket as shown in photo, and it is a long rocker cover for a V8 engine like this, beside the rocker cover gasket, it also using 16 pieces of rocker cover bush on each side, which mean you need to use total of 32 pieces of bush if you change both side of it.

The above photo shown the variant of VH41DE which the rocker cover gasket have 2 pieces moon seal a side, and for the below photo, it is a VH45DE which it have 3 moon seal a side.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid Rocker Cover Gasket

Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid in Malaysia is using Toyota 2AR-FE engine, which can be found in other Toyota model like Highlander, RAV 4, Venza, Scion tC and Sienna in oversea market.

In the Lexus model, it use in ES300h and RX270, the 2.7 variant which is under 1AR-FE engine also using the same rocker cover gasket.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Toyota 1KD engine on Hitachi Escavator?





油圧ショベルZH200-6は、日立建機の自社技術に、One Hitachiの取り組みや、オープンイノベーションによる技術を融合させ、新たに開発した「TRIAS-HXⅡ(トライアス エッチエックス ツー)」システムを搭載し、操作性を維持しながら、高い燃費性能を実現している。




最高出力(参考値):74kW(100ps)(2,000 min-1)
最高出力(参考値):44kW(2,000 min-1)

Suzuki Swift 1.4 and Opel Agila B Cylinder Head Gasket

The locally assemble Suzuki Swift 1.4  is using an K14B engine, which actually can be found in Opel Agila B model, which make us unsure whether this engine is develop by Suzuki or Opel.

But normally we found the cylinder head gasket as the design of the bottom type of the above photo, recently there are one Suzuki car with this K14B engine code, dismantle out the cylinder head gasket and found thee are differences between the one that market currently have. Is it a second generation of K14B engine?  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Honda Insight Hybrid Rocker Cover Gasket

Honda Insight Hybrid engine is consider the Honda L13 and L15 family type of engine, which is commonly use in City, Jazz, Fit and CRZ, the rocker cover have a bit modification from those non hybrid engine.

Just look at it, it may looks like the one use on the City or Jazz I-DSI model, but it have a longer stretch at one side, don't know if the area is for the engine to connect with the hybrid battery. This hybrid model also can found in Civic and Acura ILX 1.5 model.

Nissan Cafiro PA33 Intake Manifold Gasket

Some interesting part taken out from a VQ25 engine in Nissan Teana engine, the intake manifold gasket at the surger manifold area is totally difference from other VQ25 engine, it is a result from the difference between a VQ25DE engine and a VQ25DD engine.

VQ25DD engine, is use on Nissan Cafiro PA33 model, also can be found in model such as Stagea M35, Skyline V35 and Gloria or Cedric. So it is interestingly found it is in a Teana model in Malaysia market.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Honda Logo D13B, D15B Valve Cover Gasket

Today a customer sent the photo of a Honda rocker cover gasket and asking if we stock the gasket, and the square area which you can see in the above photo stun me for a while, and actually we don't have it, out of the curiosity, I try to figure out which model of Honda using this gasket, although the customer is telling that he is using a old model of Honda City.

After surfing around with the Google help, finally I found it's OEM part number as 12341-P7A-000, but actually I can't found this number in any of my hard copy catalog, and one of the website info show it use on a model call Honda Logo, model GA3 and GA5 with D13B and D15B engine.

Anyway I wonder if this is the only engine left in Malaysia market.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Will Geely change Malaysia auto parts game play?

DRB-Hicom Bhd and Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group have inked a definitive agreement under which the latter will acquire a 49.9% stake in the national car manufacturer for RM460.3mil. The full news can be seen in the below link,

And many are talking about the Geely Boyue model, which will form Proton's first SUV in Malaysia market,

And it remain mystery for me on the engine of this Geely Boyue, which it can be found online with the engine code of JLD-4G24, JLD-4G20 and JLD-4G18TDB, which no further details enclose if this engine is a modification from a Japan engine or a totally develop by Geely.

Will the said Proton's SUV using the Geely Boyue original engine or using the Proton's develop engine? If it is using the China made engine, the future engine parts game play in Malaysia market may have a changes if China engine start to dominate the popular model on the road.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kia Optima K5 Valve Cover Gasket

In this post just to share a valve cover gasket on a Korea model, KP have no product on this gasket, it is just a sharing post because found this interesting design of the gasket.

The Kia Optima K5 with G4NC engine, have a rocker cover gasket like the above photo which show its OEM part number 22441-2E000, with the 2 pieces of rubber which you can see in the photo, the design is already quite different from other type of rocker cover gasket.

But that is not the end of story, they come up with another part number of 22441-2E300 which is shown as above photo, looks similar, but actually have a longer stretch on the outer rubber.

And from the above photo, you can see the different between 22441-2E000 and 22441-2E300 more clearly, the gasket is 22441-2E000, which try to install on a rocker cover which should use 22441-2E300, and you can see 22441-2E000 is actually shorter and have a missing stretch on it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Toyota 1G-FE Gasket

The Toyota 1G-FE gasket which use in Altezza or Mark II GXE10 and GX115, is a bit different from other Toyota 1G series of gasket, firstly their cylinder head gasket is metal type or MLS type which in other model of 1G cylinder head gasket is using graphite material.

The intake manifold gasket for this model is also rubber o-ring type which other 1G series of intake manifold gasket is using paper type of gasket or asbestos material.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Boon Koon VIFLEX 2.0 Van Full Set Gasket

Boon Koon Group Berhad is a public listed company trading in Bursa Malaysia since 2004, for their business details, you may visit for further information, what I'm interested now is one of their product, the Boon Koon Viflex 2.0 Van, which although not so popular, but some time you still can found it on the road as a commercial purpose vehicle.

The engine which installed in this Boon Koon Viflex 2.0, actually is a China made engine, although it is a 2.0 capacity engine, the whole engine head and block seems not so big in size, there are not much info in the internet, except an engine model code of "DLCG12" shown in the Viflex 2.0 specification introduction brochure.

The rocker cover design as such using 2pcs separate of rocker cover gasket.

And the full set gasket content seems simple and very straight forward.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Subaru BRZ or Toyota 86 Gasket?

When doing Google searching, found some interesting info for sharing, actually most of us already known that the Toyota 86 (Some may call it GT86 or 86 GT) is using the Subaru FA20D engine which is use in Subaru BRZ, so when come to buying Toyota 86 engine parts, will you buying on Subaru brand or on Toyota brand?

Actually Toyota have an engine code for their 86 engine, Subaru call it FA20D and Toyota call it as 4U-GSE, and for the gasket kit part number, you may found Subaru using 10105-AB550, and Toyota is using SU003-00094.

Sound interesting, come with different brand name and part number, their content may be exactly the same, for other gasket content inside the kit set, Subaru and Toyota should be also have a list of different part number among them, anyone know that Subaru and Toyota which of them will set their gasket pricing higher?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mitsubishi L3E Engine Gasket

Sometime when customer look for gasket which is not so common in our product range is quite challenging, for example if they looking for gasket for mini excavator which using Mitsubishi L3E engine.

This Mitsubishi L3E engine is mostly use in the industrial field which I think is totally not use for passenger car.

Mitsubishi L3E engine is a 3 cylinder water cool diesel engine, with 952cc capacity, with 76mm bore and 70mm stroke.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Subaru Oil Separator Gasket

Found an interest part at the Subaru EJ20 engine rocker cover area, I think not all the EJ20 series have this part but what they call it as rocker cover oil separator, for the above diagram, check it out on 11831 and 11832.

And for this rocker cover show above, can you see the black cover on the upper left of the rocker cover?

The first diagram which show item 11831 is the above item which is the black cover you can find beside the rocker cover, and the below photo show the item 11832 which is the gasket sit between the above black cover and the rocker cover, and they call this as oil separator gasket.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Perodua AXIA Cylinder Head

A chance to have a view on the Perodua AXIA engine head when visiting the engine rebuilding factory, in the earlier post in introducing this engine with a diagram here which we can only see the drawing on this 1KR-DE engine, how you find the drawing and the physical engine?