Thursday, November 23, 2017

Subaru WRX Rocker Cover Gasket Kit

Subaru EJ series is well-known for its variety design on their engine rocker cover, though there are many types of rocker cover gasket, mostly they share same deign of plug seal and the rocker cover seal washer, except for some 2 to 3 model, here is one of the EJ series engine with a different type of plug seal.

This is the rocker cover from a Subaru Legacy 2.5 EJ255D engine, which may found in some Subaru WRX model as well, you can clearly see the plug seal design is different from other Subaru EJ series plug seal.

Basically to change the gasket for both side of this rocker cover, the gasket content you need is 1pc rocker cover gasket 13270-AA040, 1pc rocker cover gasket 13272-AA040, 4pcs of plug seal 13293-AA030, 4pcs of half moon seal 11051-AA070 and 12pcs of rocker cover seal washer 13271-AA051. 

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