Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mazda 6 Rocker Cover Seal

Mazda 6 under the L5 engine, which the rocker cover gasket part number under L501-10-230 or LF02-10-230 (KP Part Number KE30894) which can be seen the rocker cover as above photo.

For this rocker cover, exclude the rocker cover gasket of KE30894, we can see there are 4pcs of seal in the 4 holes of this rocker cover, which most probably holding the spark plug and seal the area from leaking.

It seem this seal is not inside the content of the Mazda 6 L5 engine gasket kit, and may be is servicing separately upon request, this engine may be use in some of the Ford model like Mondeo, which we actually found the seal part number under Ford numbering system, the Mazda part number checking is in progress.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Gasket

Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine gasket, for model such as Supra. Lexus GS300, Aristo and Crown with model code of JZS14# and JZA80.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Nissan Note e-Power

Nissan Note e-Power launched by Nissan recently seems have some differences from the conventional Hybrid system.

All variants are equipped with an Xtronic CVT, but it have the four wheel drive option which utilizing the rear mounted electric motor.

But it don't have a plug in charging point, instead it have a HR12DE or HR12DDR engine inside, which the purpose of the engine is to charge the battery. For the fuel consumption, it is tested that it run 37.2km for 1 litre petrol.

At a glance on the Nissan HR12DE engine diagram and the photo how the engine mounted to the baterry.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nissan Almera Intake Manifold Gasket

When checking the gasket information for Nissan Almera 1.5 which selling in Malaysia market, the first thing of course we check on its engine code first, which clearly show "HR15DE" in their specification.

When checking in the catalog at HR15DE column, the intake manifold gasket OEM part number show 14035-ED000, which it is a rubber o-ring type of gasket, but the design for this intake manifold gasket is the type of the 4 round shape o-ring is joining together. But the local Almera with HR15DE engine as well, saw the intake manifold type is rubber o-ring type, but separate into 4pcs.

Judging with the OEM part number 14035-1HC0A on the label, which show this item is made in Thailand, may be this design is not for the Japan domestic market but for the exporting market outside Japan, anyway, this type of o-ring intake manifold gasket also can be found in HR12DE engine which is 3 cylinder type using in Nissan March, which this Nissan March model can be found in Japan domestic market.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Toyota 1NR-FE and 2NR-FE Rocker Cover Gasket

Toyota 1NR-FE and 2NR-FE engine rocker cover gasket, is may be one of the most complicated design from other Toyota engine rocker cover gasket, it is use on Toyota Scion iQ 1.3, also for Toyota Boon 1.3 in 1NR-FE engine.

The 2NR-FE engine seems have another version of the rocker cover gasket which is more simplified from the 1NR-FE type, which is only have the outer parts and the inner parts rubber is taken out, but there are 2NR-FE version that use the same gasket of 1NR-FE version as well.

Range of model include Toyota Urban Cruiser, Verso 5, Auris and Sienta, Subaru Trezia and Produa Bezza.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ford Fiesta 1.6 Engine Gasket

Ford passenger car is gaining its popularity in Malaysia market in this few years, model like Ford Focus, Ford Escape and Ford Kuga is among the favourite choice, of course, Ford Fiesta can be consider is the top seller in this Ford passenger car range.

In the 70~ to 90~ era, many Ford model such as Ford Laser, Ford Lynx and Ford Telstar is actually using the Mazda engine, but the new Ford model engine, seems have no any relation to the Mazda type of engine.

Photo showing the Ford Fiesta 1.6 Gasket and the Cylinder Head, you can see that "FoMoCo" wording is stamp on the block of the cylinder head, which may consider it is totally a Ford design engine.

Friday, October 14, 2016

MLS Gasket History

According to an article in "Engine Professional" publication in 2015, the MLS (Multi Layered Steel) cylinder head gasket is first introduce in the year 1991, which is installed in a Ford 4.6L OHV V8 engine, and in the year 2014, most of the newly develop engine is using MLS cylinder head gasket.

Interestingly when manufacturer is recognize the MLS gasket sealing efficiency,  some area their mechanic still looking for a graphite material of cylinder head gasket for the after market use, even tough the original head gasket material is MLS.