Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kancil L5 Piston Ring

Dealing in engine gasket, sometime it is very common for customer as for other engine parts if they already take the overhaul set gasket from you, and one of the most common part is piston ring, con rod bearing and main bearing.

And for this Kancil L5 engine, it seem piston ring also not a very common parts in our local market, as we are not very familiar with the piston ring, it is known that for Kancil L5 piston ring, it have 2 types of them also.

For the standard size piston ring of 61mm, it is known that 2 kind of engine that have difference thickness on one of the ring. so although the cylinder head gasket may be in the same design, it seem it may have difference design on piston ring for JB-DET, JB-JL or if there are other JB-series of engine.

So for those who really source for piston ring for Kancil L5, it is safer for them to bring along the sample to measure it probably to avoid wrong item purchase, we need to understand that once the piston ring packing is tear, you can't return it back.


Sharif Amirol said...

Piston L5 jbjl how much?

Sharif Amirol said...

Piston L5 jbjl how much?

Goh san said...

Dear Mr. Sharif,

We currently don't have the Piston of L5 JB-JL engine.