Sunday, February 5, 2012

Toyota 2KD Engine Nozzle Holder Gasket

Normally when customer purchase a full set gasket or overhaul set gasket, they might asume that all gasket items is already included in the gasket set kit, it may be correct for some of the model but not all model is like that.

For example, the Toyota Hilux KUN25 in Malaysia which come with 2KD-FTV engine, the full set gasket may seem have some missing items. One of the item is the Nozzle Holder Gasket which show in the above photo.

Some technician may call this a Plug Seal, and actually they are also 2 kinds of seal can be found on this nozzle, the upper and the lower one.

Since it is also describe as gasket in the OEM label, just wonder why it is not included in the gasket kit set? Is it because the nozzle sytem there is not consider under the engine zoning or this item is not dismantle even during the engine overhaul?

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