Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Honda Insight Hybrid Rocker Cover Gasket

Honda Insight Hybrid engine is consider the Honda L13 and L15 family type of engine, which is commonly use in City, Jazz, Fit and CRZ, the rocker cover have a bit modification from those non hybrid engine.

Just look at it, it may looks like the one use on the City or Jazz I-DSI model, but it have a longer stretch at one side, don't know if the area is for the engine to connect with the hybrid battery. This hybrid model also can found in Civic and Acura ILX 1.5 model.

Nissan Cafiro PA33 Intake Manifold Gasket

Some interesting part taken out from a VQ25 engine in Nissan Teana engine, the intake manifold gasket at the surger manifold area is totally difference from other VQ25 engine, it is a result from the difference between a VQ25DE engine and a VQ25DD engine.

VQ25DD engine, is use on Nissan Cafiro PA33 model, also can be found in model such as Stagea M35, Skyline V35 and Gloria or Cedric. So it is interestingly found it is in a Teana model in Malaysia market.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Honda Logo D13B, D15B Valve Cover Gasket

Today a customer sent the photo of a Honda rocker cover gasket and asking if we stock the gasket, and the square area which you can see in the above photo stun me for a while, and actually we don't have it, out of the curiosity, I try to figure out which model of Honda using this gasket, although the customer is telling that he is using a old model of Honda City.

After surfing around with the Google help, finally I found it's OEM part number as 12341-P7A-000, but actually I can't found this number in any of my hard copy catalog, and one of the website info show it use on a model call Honda Logo, model GA3 and GA5 with D13B and D15B engine.

Anyway I wonder if this is the only engine left in Malaysia market.