Monday, January 27, 2014

Daihatsu JB-JL and JB-DET Engine Cylinder Head Gasket removal

Will all the maintenance procedure made more easier with service manual?

This is just part of the few pages which can find it in the service manual, please click on the image to view the original size of the photo.


mrg3 said...

Thanks for sharing! Hard to find stuff.

alex said...

Hi Goh San. I am desparately looking for the JB-JL L502 service manual with wiring diagram. Is this something you have access to? Thanks!

Goh san said...

Dear Alex, you may join the Copen Club at and source some service manual around there.

wan jacky said...

Hi Goh San ,do u have full set overhaul gasket EF-RL .If got sms me ,Aera Sabah Sandakan. Thank

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Pls sms me Thank