Sunday, January 26, 2014

Daihatsu JB-JL and JB-DET engine, bottom part.

Bottom part of the Daihatsu JB-JL (Kancil L5) and JB-DET (Kancil L9) engine at a glance, still have any gasket using on it?

The part marking as "g" and "f" is one of the gasket content on their overhaul set gasket, it can be call as timing gasket or oil pump gasket. For their oil pan, which is item "a", we can see there are no rubber gasket or paper gasket for this part, it only use "Liquid gasket" which we commonly call gasket gum on it.

Item "h" is a metal housing for the flywheel oil seal, normally the original flywheel oil seal is come with the metal housing together, but some mention that the oil seal inside the housing can be dismantle and change only the oil seal with the old housing is re-install into it.

Please click into the photo to view the original size of the image so you can view the marking more clearly.


Attila Berki said...

Where can I buy gasket for this engine?

Goh san said...

Dear Sir,

We are operating in Malaysia, you may sent your inquiry through and we can process all the order transaction through PayPal.