Thursday, June 19, 2014

Daihatsu Copen X Release Soon

Before that, we had news that Daihatsu will stop their Copen production, but it is found in a Japan website that, they will be a new model of Daihatsu Copen, so call Copen X to be release soon, the link of the news as below but it is in the Japanese language.

Of course, it is what engine there are using now for this new Copen, from their first generation of JB-DET to K3-VET is all using 4 cylinder engine, but it is learn that from the website, the new engine is a 3 cylinder DOHC intercooled turbo engine.

Not much other info given like what is their engine code exactly is, let's see when will this engine start coming into Malaysia market.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Subaru Legacy 2.0 Engine Gasket

Under the Subaru Legacy 2.0 BE and BH model, using the EJ204, EJ206 and EJ208 engine.

For the EJ205 engine from the year 2002 onward, there are Subaru Impreza and Forester model using the similar gasket with some minor changes on the timing cover and oil seal side, but for EJ205 engine from the year 2007 onward, which can be found in Subaru Exiga and Forester, the rocker cover gasket design also change from the previous model.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Toyota Nadia Engine Gasket

Toyota Nadia SXN10 is not a local model for Malaysia market, their 3S-FSE engine gasket also have quite a lot of difference when compare to other Toyota 3S series engine, there are one more Toyota model, Vista Ardeo SV50 also using the same engine.

It is quite unique for this gasket, as normally, in other 3S series of engine, some cylinder head gasket and rocker cover gasket is the same part number for certain other model, only this 3S-FSE engine cylinder head gasket and rocker cover gasket, is use on its own model and can't find the same part number in other 3S engine.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kancil L5 Drive Shaft Oil Seal

Local Kancil L5 have 2 types of modification, one is only change the Daihatsu JB-JL engine into their Kancil, another one is a half cut modification with the gear box or may be consider as front parts of this Mira is transfer on to the Kancil.

So for those half cut transfer, not only the engine parts sourcing have the problem, sometime items like the Drive Shaft assembly, which is different from Kancil, also difficult to find.

As the drive shaft is different, their oil seal also will be have the different size from Kancil, their outer diameter is same with the Kancil type of 68mm, but their inner diameter is bigger than the Kancil oil seal.