Friday, April 1, 2011

Kelisa Engine Mounting

When talking about engine mounting, there are more problem heard from Perodua Kelisa, Kenari type, which there are a lot of speculative explanation every way.

First they stated this Perodua Kelisa and Kenari type of engine is a 3 cylinders engine which if difference from those common 4 cylinders engine, and the design of 3 cylinders engine tense to vibrate more than those 4 cylinders design.

Another thing is this engine only have 3 engine mounting to support on it which also difference from those using 4 engine mounting.

And one of those commonly talk about is the rear engine mounting (as shown on photo) which is the biggest among 3 mounting, need to use the O.E.M parts only, which the cost of this O.E.M parts is always far costly than those normal after market parts.

There are also some mention about installation prosedure, is it change one mounting at one time or take out the whole engine and change 3 together? And some mention after installing all the mounting, which it should not be thighten fully, the engine need to be start and let it vibrate to a perfect position, than only the mounting to be tighten fully.

So anyone can give a better comment on this?


smokie said...

any news so far? im about to change the mounting as planning to DIY.

Goh Kong Chee said...

I can't get your meaning on "any news so far?"

villabaity2u said...

I will change all 3 mounting which cost me RM1200 including labor. We also can change only 2 mounting if vibrating coming when shift to R level..cost only Rm550.. The problem is we must use the original daihatsu imported from japan to make sure the engine not vibrate again. Another tips is, please shift to N when we stop at traffic light. The 3rd mounting (picture above) cost RM600!!
That is perodua kelisa beware..

BUBBLY said...

I send my kelisa for inspection in service center. There quite a number of part i need to change. The engine mounting is cost RM1,100 excluded the labour charge. Is it a normal for the price? Total repair for the balance items plus labour cost near to 4k. Any optional or advice where to get a genuine or good quality part with cheaper price. Should i go for service center or any workshop will do, any recommend ?

Goh Kong Chee said...

For service center quotation, of course it is consider normal price, BUT if you do it at the outside workshop, it will be less than half of the cost from service center.

Outside workshop may be have different workmanship quality, whereby you should go for a survey by yourself, and it is preferable you to source the original engine mounting yourself rather than let the workshop to buy for you.

Ken said...

My 4 year old Kelisa with only 125K mileage also had same problem on reverse vibration. It will vibrate heavily during every morning when i shift to R level and slightly lighter when the engine is heat up after 10 kilometer run. What is the best remedy for this problem? Do need to replace the entire three mounting?

Base on all the comment of Villabaity2u the third mounting itself course RM600. And what is meant by replace 2 mounting? Is it the one which lie on forth and back underneath and the third one is the side mounting which attach to the gearbox.

weightloss said...

Some pricing reference for after market engine mounting here..

If someone is saying changing those mounting cost more than thousand ringgit, I would rather give a try for an after market product, which can safe me a lot of monies.