Thursday, March 24, 2011

Suzuki Aerio Engine

The Suzuki Aerio (called the Liana in Europe, South Asia and Australia) is a compact car that was built by Suzuki Motor Corporation. It was introduced in 2001 as a replacement for the Suzuki Esteem/Baleno, with a tall 5-door hatchback (for maximum inner room efficiency) and a 4-door sedan body. It featured two different 16-valve gasoline straight-4 engines, with 1.5L and 1.8L, this one capable of 125PS (92kW; 123hp) JIS. Models in North America got a bigger and more powerful 2.0L engine with 145 hp. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard with a 4-speed automatic optional. All-wheel-drive was available, but only with the automatic.

American Aerios came in two trim levels: the S and GS (2002-2004), S and LX (2005), and Base and Premium (2006-2007). Key changes over the years included an upgrade to a new 2.3-liter 155horsepower (116kW) engine in 2004, a major styling and interior refresh in 2005 (replacing the strange digital instruments with conventional analog ones), and the standardization of antilock brakes in 2006. Only the Aerio sedan remained for 2007, as the hatchback had been shelved to make room for the new 2007 SX4 hatchback. Likewise, the Aerio sedan bowed out at year's end, making way for the 2008 SX4 Sport sedan. Throughout its run, the Aerio was distinct for being the most affordable car in America to offer all-wheel-drive.

In Europe, where the car is called Liana (an acronym for "Life In A New Age"), it's seen as a more affordable alternative to small family cars or to mini MPVs, introducing a new generation of Suzuki M engines, with 1.3L and 1.6L I4 engine. All wheel drive is available on the bigger engine. In 2004 the car was restyled with a look that closer resembled the Japanese version, and also received a Diesel engine, with a 16-valve version of the 1.4L HDi engine supplied by PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, capable of 90PS (66kW; 89hp) thanks to common rail direct injection and a variable geometry turbocharger.

The Liana is best known for its appearances in the BBC's Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment, as the sedan model was used from its first show until the model's replacement by a Chevrolet Lacetti in the show's spring 2006 season. (Source from Wikipedia)

With Suzuki Swift fleet in Malaysia, the Suzuki M series engine can be seen in difference range like M13A, M15A and M16A, what is missing in the local market is the M18A engine which is from the imported Suzuki Aerio.

As it is in the M series family engine, most of the engine gasket parts are common use with the M16A engine, the only item is the cylinder head gasket of M18A, as the part number is difference from M16A.


Anonymous said...

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rhairul said...

Where can I get head gasket for M18A engine and all it spare part at malaysia?i'm recently using 2005 suzuki aerio 1.8 hatchback.spare part at johore not owner friendly even in my aerio's reach its limit and need few rectification like absorber,engine overhaul,bush replacement and other.can anyone rite there give info what i'm mentioned about.- can contact me at

Goh Kong Chee said...

I have to say I didn't stock this cylinder head gasket due to it's low demand in Malaysia but I may consider to import if I can see more numbers of this model on the road.

rhairul said...

I saw many at road boring to pass border to get that parts.

rhairul said...

Did swift abs can be used by aerio/liana?