Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tata Telcoline Truck Engine Gasket

Another gasket source for customer request, the Tata light truck which produce in India, when have a closer look, it seem the engine come from the same design of Peugeot 207 series of diesel engine, but it have its gasket produce in India so don't worry of need to buy a more expensive German or France made gasket, though the quality are not the same.

Tata Mobile 207 was introduced in 1988 and is currently producing.

The second generation Tata 207 DI was launched in 2002.It is a Pick Up vehicle designed for both urban and rural use. The TATA 207 DI is powered with the same engine as in TATA 407 and is India's first 1.13 Ton payload Pick Up with Power Steering. Its 60 HP - 3-litre(2956cc)[58 BHP @ 3200 RPM 16.55 kgm @ 1500 RPM] engine minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes driving pleasure and refinement.

In 2005, Tata TL 4x4 was released in Indian market. It was Tata's first (and India's second) offering in the lifestyle pick-up truck segment. It was a spruced up version of Tata's hugely successful Tata 207 DI pick-up which was popular with commercial transport operators. It even sold in Britain as a working vehicle.

It featured a turbo charged 1948 cc diesel engine that produces 91 bhp (68 kW). In addition there were extra accessories such as a bull-bar, roll-over bar, power steering & air conditioning, power windows. The Pick-Up was available in both - single cab & double cab versions. The Tata TL 4x4 is a heavy duty pickup truck, probably one of the most heavy duty and reliable in its category. In some countries people tended to fit a 2.0l Toyota turbodiesel engine for more power. Value for money the Tata Telcoline was probably one of the best pick-ups as it was much cheaper compared to other vehicles in its class such as the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger.

Source from Wikipedia.

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