Monday, May 25, 2009

Toyota 1MZ-FE Engine

Toyota 1MZ-FE is a 3,000cc V6 engine commonly use in the Toyota Estima 3.0 V6, Harrier 3.0 V6 and Alphard 3.0 V6.
There are one more type of Toyota Camry 3.0 V6, which consider an import model for Malaysia market, they using the 1MZ-FE type of engine as well, but there are some area have some diffrence design such as their valve cover gasket and the cylinder head gasket.
The picture show one of the cylinder head gasket for Toyota Camry 3.0 V6, which may not commonly available in Malaysia market.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proton Waja 1.8 Engine

Since Proton end their relation with Mitsubishi, they had been trying to use other type of engine for their so call "Notional car".

Start from Proton Tiara, which at that time Mitsubishi still one of the shareholder of Proton, they had put in Peugeot TU1 engine on this model, but Proton Tiara seem is one of the failure vehicle in Proton.

Than they come with a replacement for Proton Tiara which they name it as Proton Savvy, this time they use the Renault D4F engine.

And some may notice that there are one series of Proton Waja 1.8 which also using Renault engine, with this kind of continental type of engine, their parts had become not cheap when compare to the Japan type of engine, for example, the overhaul set gasket for Waja 1.8 may cost near to RM600 when you buy it from Proton parts centre.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Environmental Friendly for Gasket

Environment issue had become a more and more urgent issue for all the mankind, the earth is facing the destroy from us due to our unlimited devolopment and usage of resources.
Due to this, some of the spare parts already start to design with the concern of environmental issue, like the traditional intake manifold gasket, which is normally made by gasket sheet or packing paper material, which will need a mass resources of trees, is now starting to change to rubber type of gasket, in between this change, there are model that using metal type of intake manifold as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daihatsu Copen and Kancil L5 Turbo

Daihatsu Copen is one of the powerful car for small cc range at about 660cc. In Malaysia, many of the Perodua Kancil owner buy the half cut which imported from Japan and modified to their vehicle.

The type of engine on this Daihatsu Copen is JB-DET which is 4 cylinder engine, this is a powerful engine for the small car as Daihatsu normally design 3 cylinder engine for their below 1000cc capacity vehicle range.

Due to this type of engine is imported from Japan, sometime it is quite hard to source for their engine parts, especially when JB-DET also come with 2 type of design, although there are same for their Cylinder Head, Valve Stem, Exhaust Manifold, there are 2 diffrenr type of Valve Cover and Intake Manifold.

To diffrentiate this 2 type of engine, most of the Malaysian will call the first type as Kancil L5 Turbo and the other type will be Kancil L9 Turbo.

But still some of them will confuse with L7 and L9 type of engine, and actually L7 Turbo engine actually is EJ-DE/EF-GS type of engine, which their design is similar to the Perodua Kenari/Kelisa engine, which their valve cover gasket is difficult to source in local market as well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nissan VQ Engine Valve Cover Bolt

There are diffrence of design for the engine manufacturer on how to fastern the valve cover gasket to the valve cover on an engine.

Some using traditional type of bolt and nut, but there are quite a number of the design is using valve cover bolt, (some may call it valve cover seal or valve cover bush).

The picture show the type of vlave cover bolt that use on Nissan Cefiro V6 engine, which is in the VQ series engine type. This may applicable for Nissan Teana, Murano and Elgrand.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Korean Car with Japan Engine?

It is known that in the early day, quite a number of Korean passenger car is using the Japan made engine, such as the old model of Hyundai Sonata use dffrent type of Mitsubishi 4G63 engine, Kia Sephia is using Mazda B6-D type of engine, and old model of Kia Sportage is using Mazda FE type of engine.

With the improving of automotive technologies in Korea, their research team start to design their own engine, but most of them still modified from the existing type of Japan engine, they might modified the Valve Cover design, or design in Intake and Exhaust area.

Please find the article below from which introduce the newly launch Naza Rondo 7 seater SUV, which have some interesting point in their engine specification.

Naza Kia Sdn Bhd has launched the new Naza Citra II Rondo in Malaysia. The Naza Citra II Rondo is essentially the Kia Rondo which is the replacement model for Carens that the Naza Citra is based on. The Citra will continue to be sold as a budget 7-seater SUV, and the new Naza Citra II Rondo will be positioned between the Citra and the Ria, bringing Naza Kia's 7-seater offerings up to 3 models.

According to Naza Kia, the new Rondo is built on the D-segment new Kia Optima platform and also share the Optima's sweet new GEMA-based 2.0 liter DOHC CVVT engine producing 145 horsepower and 189Nm of torque, mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with sequantial manual shifting. The GEMA engine is a joint project between Daimler Chrysler, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. The 4B11 in the Mitsubishi Lancer is also based on the GEMA family.