Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daihatsu Copen and Kancil L5 Turbo

Daihatsu Copen is one of the powerful car for small cc range at about 660cc. In Malaysia, many of the Perodua Kancil owner buy the half cut which imported from Japan and modified to their vehicle.

The type of engine on this Daihatsu Copen is JB-DET which is 4 cylinder engine, this is a powerful engine for the small car as Daihatsu normally design 3 cylinder engine for their below 1000cc capacity vehicle range.

Due to this type of engine is imported from Japan, sometime it is quite hard to source for their engine parts, especially when JB-DET also come with 2 type of design, although there are same for their Cylinder Head, Valve Stem, Exhaust Manifold, there are 2 diffrenr type of Valve Cover and Intake Manifold.

To diffrentiate this 2 type of engine, most of the Malaysian will call the first type as Kancil L5 Turbo and the other type will be Kancil L9 Turbo.

But still some of them will confuse with L7 and L9 type of engine, and actually L7 Turbo engine actually is EJ-DE/EF-GS type of engine, which their design is similar to the Perodua Kenari/Kelisa engine, which their valve cover gasket is difficult to source in local market as well.

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