Friday, April 22, 2011

Toyota 1G Valve Cover Gasket

Previously, I'm always think that to differentiate Toyota 1G engine rocker cover gasket is just ask if it is 12 valves engine or 24 valves engine, whereby 12 valves engine of 1G-EU will use 1 piece of gasket but 24 valves 1G-GEU or 1G-GTE or 1G-GZEU will use 2 pieces of gasket.

Recently, just found there are another 24 valves engine 1G-FE which it only use 1 piece of rocker cover gasket, and for those which using 2 pieces of gasket, there are 2 types of it as well whereby one of them uses 2 pieces of same gasket and another uses 2 pieces of which this 2 pieces are diffrence from each other.

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