Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Honda Logo D13B, D15B Valve Cover Gasket

Today a customer sent the photo of a Honda rocker cover gasket and asking if we stock the gasket, and the square area which you can see in the above photo stun me for a while, and actually we don't have it, out of the curiosity, I try to figure out which model of Honda using this gasket, although the customer is telling that he is using a old model of Honda City.

After surfing around with the Google help, finally I found it's OEM part number as 12341-P7A-000, but actually I can't found this number in any of my hard copy catalog, and one of the website info show it use on a model call Honda Logo, model GA3 and GA5 with D13B and D15B engine.

Anyway I wonder if this is the only engine left in Malaysia market.

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