Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nissan Oldest Skyline Engine Gasket?

11044-28507 11044-28502 11044-78510 11044-78508 11044-EE602

It is interesting to flip back some old catalog and check what is those model is really hard to find in the current new catalog, and I think this model should be the most forgotten model I think.

May be is the oldest model in Nissan Skyline fleet, the G15 1,483cc engine can be trace back until in the year of 1968~, with C10, VC10 and WC10 model.

Later on with the G16 and G18 engine, with 1,593cc & 1,815cc respectively, Laurel fleet is coming in with model like 100K, 180K and PC10, also have the history back to 1968~

Nissan Skyline C10

G20 engine is the final model for this G series of engine. With capacity of 1,990cc, under model of PC30, PC310 and 200L, which history can be trace back until 1970~

But if we look at the info under Wikipedia, the first Skyline can be trace back to year 1957~ under Prince Motor Company, and before the G15 engine, there are also have the G1 engine, I'm really wish to know what is their gasket looks like.

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