Sunday, July 4, 2010

Safe the world resources

Normally I only talk about automotive spare parts especially engine gasket in this blog, many may wonder what is the relation on safe the world resources with this spare parts industry.

First of all, I would like to explain that all the engine gasket no matter in what material, it had already have its own specification and requirement on how can they stand for the pressure and temperature.

Normally with the needed specification, the material of this parts is not that cheap as they need to go through many processes and quality assurance tested. But with the highly competition, many player try to source for cheaper parts to get more profit in the market, guess what happen?

Many of this cheap material may just make up the shape it likes the original parts, but it normally can't stand the original pressure and temperature specification requirement, hence if consumer bought the cheap parts for the cost saving, may end up need to change the parts frequently as this parts broken easily.

It end up actually we are keep wasting all this resources from earth which we use it in the wrong area, this material may suitable to use in other area but just wasted in the wrong place.

This may occur in other industry as well beside the automotive spare parts industry, for sure, if we buy a more quality parts with a higher price, the parts may more durable and the chances to change the parts again is lesser and we save the resources in return. If we count on the labour charge that if we change the same parts too frequently, may be it is more costly if we buy a quality parts and get the labour charge once only.

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