Thursday, July 22, 2010


It is another set back for me when one of my customer sent a photo cylinder head gasket to me, I check all the catalog I have and can't find any close to the design of it. By the way, forget to mention my customer had stated this is from the "TUAH" truck which is selling at the local from the Lion Group of Company in Malaysia.

With no other way, I have to source from the "TUAH" OEM dealer to service my customer, than I notice that this type of engine actually is originated from China, no wonder I can't find it in the Japanese enginr catalog.

Actually there are quite a lot of China made vehicle is attach with Japan made engine, and it is known that one of the Tuah truck engine with 1048 model is attach with Japan type of engine as well, it is very interesting for me to find out that this 1032 model is install with China local made engine.

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