Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It never come across to my mind to sell the engine gasket on Volkswagen range of model as my main line is to provide mainly Japanese passenger car model engine gasket. It happen one of my customer call me up to look for the Volkswagen New Beetle 1984cc type of engine cylinder head gasket.

As I don't have the item in my own inventory, I try to source for him by the details and photo on the engine block he given.

At first, he wish to find the carbon material type of gasket, since the OEM material is metal, I can manage to source for the metal type, personally, I don't encourage user to change the material type diffrence from the OEM specification, although there are quite a lot of Japan engine model cylinder head gasket had been change from metal to graphite in local market by themself.

It is a very nice experience on getting know this Volkswagen Beetle cylinder head gasket, and I think I may consider start to source for the gasket for Mini Cooper model.

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