Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Honda K20A2 and K20Z3 Cylinder Head Gasket

The first time I know notice this Honda K2# series of engine is from the Honda Stream RN3 and RN4, which using K20A engine. After that more and more Honda model starting using the same series of engine like the new CRV RD4 and RD5, Accord CL9 on K24A and latest the CIVIC SNA on K20Z3 engine.

From the catalog, you may found some extra numbering at the last digit of the engine code such as K20A2, K20A3, K24A4 and the list go on, so how many design they have on the cylinder head gasket?

The above photo is extract from a K20A forum (www.k20a.org) and found this post discuss on cooler divider for k20/k24 motors, below are what the forum member write on his post, 

oke guys i know thiss is all confuzeing i think i figured thiss out so far what i found all motors that came with egr valve uses the cooler divider it also comes on the 06 si as well not just k24a2 motors so what i found when u are mixing heads u got to use the gasket that matches the head so for example if ur useing a k20a2 block and a k20z3 head u got to use the k20z3 head gasket and cooler divider part number 11103-rac-003 and if u use a k20a2 head and head gasket on a k20z3 block u dont need the cooler divider i noticed its the head that causes the flow problems with cylinder one being scored to shit lol so this is rule of thumb if the head has egr it needs cooler divider and matching head gasket to that head if its an k20a2 u use the k20a2 head gasket and no cooler divider hope thiss made things easy for u guys

here is the diffrence in gaskets top is k20a2 and bottem is k20z3

the z3 gasket feeds water to that cylinder first where the hot spot is on cylinder one as u can see the pink spot marking where water enters

here is a pic of cooler divider installed
its the little black piece near the bottem left side of the block in the water jacket of the k20z3

here is the part numbers for cooler divider




Found it interesting but actually still can't fully understand on what he try to explain.

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