Thursday, September 20, 2012

Subaru Rocker Cover Gasket

When customer is looking for Subaru EJ20 type of rocker cover gasket, it is not an easy task if the gasket sample is not available. Normally customer will just said that their Subaru EJ20 is the 5th generation, or 8th generation, but this kind of info is never enough to get the correct part in the first place.

To recap, I had put an earlier post that explain on how the EJ20 series engine is define at but on their rocker cover side, they might have inter-changeable type in between the differences EJ20 model, it made the task to pick the correct gasket even tougher.

Further more, we will not just import all kind of rocker cover gasket that available in the catalog, because some model may be not in the Malaysia market.

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