Monday, September 17, 2012

Honda Integra 1.8 PGM-FI B18B Engine

Let's see, the car name is Honda Integra 1800 PGM-FI DOHC, engine code B18A1, B18B1 and B18C, production year range from 1990 to 1997, you may found the model code as DB1, DB1-100, DB110, DB7, and DC4. actually there are one DC2 model that is not using the same cylinder head from others.

The cylinder head gasket is quite similar with those CRV B20B engine, interestingly, actually we found that there are CRV 1.8 which using this B18B engine is existing on the road of Malaysia, on gasket wise, most parts are inter-changeable with the B20B, almost can be said that only its cylinder head gasket is difference.

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