Friday, September 17, 2010


Since my earlier article on Daihatsu K3-VE cylinder head gasket ( there are some call in inquiry on the K3-VET cylinder head gasket, mainly are wonder if the K3-VE cylinder head gasket can stand the pressure of K3-VET turbo engine or not.

First, it is confirm that K3-VE and K3-VET actually share the same type cylinder head gasket, since K3-VET is come with Turbo, I would suggest owner to use the Japan made item or the OEM item for Toyota Avanza 1.3 (2SZ-FE engine), as this type of engine are quite a lot in Indonesia, the OEM cylinder head gasket from Toyota is made in Indonesia as well, but don't worry, their material actually is from Japan and the finishing is done in indonesia.

On the K3-VET Turbo Housing Gasket, please click on post below

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