Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"CV Joint" is short for Constant Velocity Joint, an example of a type of mechanisms that connects two intersecting rotating shafts making an angle with one another, especially when the angle varies in service. CV joint are now very widely used in front-wheel drive cars at the connection of a half-axle with a wheel. They transmit torque evenly when wheel moves in steering or suspension. For a brief description of a typical CV Joint, see the link to the Wikipedia article given in the References.

China made CV Joint is one of the automotive parts that is most successfully penetrate into Malaysia market, due to their pricing, it can be say it totally take over the market share of Taiwan and Japan made product, left the Japan made CV Joint only have the share for the high end vehicle.

But there are too many manufacturer in China which they may have some manufacturer really don't border the quality of product which using the low quality steel (may be just a metal) which the item may threaten the life of the driver, and passengers too. (Photo show the failure of a CV Joint which definately will dangerous the life if the vehicle is in the high speed on highway.)


assad348 said...

Nice article, but very bad english

Goh Kong Chee said...

Dear Assad348, thanks for your comment, I have to admit that my English is bad :)