Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Daihatus earliest 3 cylinder turbo engine can be trace to 1983 Charade 1.0 Turbo, which come with the CB-T type of engine, this engine is basically is the same family with all the early Daithatsu CB engine for those Charade G10, G11, S70, S75 and G100, all is 6 valve engine until in the year 1987, a DOHC 12 valves of turbo CB-T engine is launch and this range is normally call as Daihatsu Aura Turbo in Malaysia.

And than Malaysia market have their second national car manufacturer PERODUA, introduce Kancil as their first product which it is original call Mira in Japan, again, the turbo version for this engine type had come out with more and more local Kancil user modified the EF-EL engine whcih is also Mira or Opti in Japan.
This EF-EL engine which locally they call it Kancil L2 Turbo is very common nowadays, but most of the cylinder head gasket is using the Kancil ED engine type and modified some extra holes on it, which the performance of the gasket may not reach even 30% of those made in Japan gasket.


aman said...

how to install kancil l2 head into charada aura? what gasket can be use?

Goh Kong Chee said...

I don't think Kancil L2 head can install into Charade Aura, even you want to install whole L2 engine into Charade Aura you need to do modification on the engine mounting side.