Friday, October 1, 2010


The early day of Hyundai Sonata if not mistaken may start with G63B engine from Mitusbishi which is similar for YD 2.0 range, than it come to 4G63 engine which is equal to Mitsubishi VR4 range, than the Sonata 5 which using the 4G63 type of metal cylinder head gasket which same as 4G63 Airtrek, but the Korean manufacturer had made some modification on their rocker cover gasket as well as the exhaust manifold and intake manifold system.

Than come with the GEMA engine which is the technologies from the joint venture of Chrsyler, Hyundai and Mitsubishi, the Sonata NF may have the engine code of G4KC and the Mitsubishi Lancer have the engine code of 4B11 or 4B12, should this engine is in the same family of design, it is possible that their rocker cover design will be the same.

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