Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Generation of Inlet Manifold Gasket

The intake (inlet) manifold form one of the important part of an engine, it is crucial to make sure there are no leakage between the joint of manifold surface and the engine block, which will effect the power and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, so, the effectiveness of the manifold gasket can not be ignore.

Material of the intake manifold gasket also improve a lot, from the normal packing paper material or gasket sheet, it improve to a stage that using the thin layer of metal steel, but using the metal type of gasket need to ensure a very smooth surface on the manifold, so there are a lot of time it metal type of gasket is modified back to the paper sheet type of gasket.

Than the new generation of engine can be seen a lot of rubber type inlet manifold gasket, they will be a small groove to slot in the gasket, once had tell that the rational on changing the gasket to rubber type is because of environmental issue which will make less consume of gasket sheet which their original source is from trees.

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