Sunday, October 24, 2010

Toyota MR-2 Engine

Sometime customer did give just a little info when they wish to source for something which may turn out we give a different item.
A typical case for me is when customer just asking for Toyota MR-2 engine gasket.
As Toyota MR-2 is not the local model in Malaysia which in turn most of them are imported or had carry out engine modification, though Toyota MR-2 is known with their 3S series of engine, but it actually have slight chances on the gasket design depend on model to model.
We can provide a list of model of the MR-2 3S-GE or 3S-GTE engine but it is very hard to trace with model as sometime owner did change the engine to other model.
The basic list may as below,
1. Toyota 3S-GE MR-2 1998cc 1989-ON model SV20
2. Toyota 3S-GE MR-2 1998cc 1993-ON model ST20#, SW20
3. Toyota 3S-GE MR-2 1998cc 1997-2002 model ST12#, SW20, ST202, SXA10, SXA11
4. Toyota 3S-GTE MR-2 1998cc 1990-ON model SW20, ST165, ST185
5. Toyota 3S-GTE MR-2 1998cc 1993-ON model SW20, ST205

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