Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Diffrentiate Gasket of SR20DET Engine

As Nissan SR20DET engine is not mean on the Malaysia local market, there are some confusion occur when owner who had modified the engine looking for the gasket.
First, the SR20 series is not stranger in Malaysia market, the Nissan Serena 2.0 C23 van is using the SR20DE engine, for those who modified from those engine with Turbo which they may call it Silvia, Primera or Pulsar (Skyline is actually more to the RB series engine which I am not include into here).

Here come the SR20DT and SR20DET differences in their gasket design, first the rocker cover gasket (photo shown as 13270), there are people mention it can be diffrentiate by the colour of the rocker cover which have red type and black type, actually the rocker cover is attached with "half moon' size of rubber which we just call it half moon seal (This term may not correct), and the 2 type of it is one of them attached with 3 pieces of this seal and another one is 4 pieces.

For the Spark Plug Seal (photo shown as 13270N), it is same design as the one with Serena 2.0 C23 but its rubber is thicker and the diameter is also bigger than the C23type.

The cylinder head gasket (phot shown as 11044) have the most variance of it, and the original material of this gasket actually is just graphite type but there are demand for the metal type of gasket. To make it easier for not making too much of confusion, there are one type of metal cylinder head gasket design as such it can be install on at least 3 type of difference SR20DET engine.

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