Monday, October 11, 2010


Ford Ranger or Mazda Fighter is among the popular truck in Malaysia, with the B2500 model which is come with 12 valve SOHC 2,499cc engine, with the Mazda engine code of WL, there are user mention that due to the cylinder head material, which the initial purpose is to make the engine more lighter, but due to the softer characteristic of the material, there are many cylinder head crack problem found for this engine, though it is from the amateur view, which I hope there are some professional comment on this.

Than it come the launch of new Ford Ranger TDC-i, which is come with 16 valve DOHC engine with Mazda engine code of WLC, though it is 2,500cc in Malaysia market, it is known that the engine is the same family with the one which Mazda produce in Thailand for the BT-50, which have the 3,000cc version with the Mazda engine code of WE.

Interestingly to know that the R&D for this engine is actually done in Thailand, other than the cylinder head gasket and some gasket which is similar with WL engine, the rocker cover gasket, intake and exhaust manifold gasket and other gasket that difference with WL engine, the OEM item may come from Thailand instead of Japan.

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