Thursday, October 14, 2010


When news come out that Proton will launch it new Inspira model on Nov 10, which it open the bookoing start from now, the long waiting Waja replacement at last give some idea on how the collaboration between Mitsubishi Motor Corp (MMC) and Proton made the Inspira looks like.

Before the news come out, the folk on street already talking about the Waja replacement will be using the body of new Mitsubishi Lancer and it seem it is no doubt about it, but I'm not really concern about it, what I'm interested in is straight go to find what engine it will use.

People are talking about Proton may only use the body of Lancer but modified it with their own Campro engine which use in their Gen2, Pesona, Exora and BLM range, but I' glad that I found some info under and shock about the 2.0 version will use the same range of 4B11 engine which is use on Lancer.

And when I already noted the 4B11 and 4B12 engine in the market, it is another fact that I found is the 1.8 engine is using 4B10 which this is new for me.

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