Friday, September 17, 2010


One customer come to us and bringing the rocker cover a long with him to find the gasket for it, at a first glance, I recognise the shape which it should be the JB-DET engine which they like to call it Kancil L9 Turbo.

On the top of the rocker cover also have the Daihatsu logo, should not be wrong. Feel confidently go inside my store and take out a piece of said Kancil L9 Turbo valve cover gasket to my customer. when place the gasket onto the rocker cover, all the screw hole are well place except the place which the arrow pointed on the above picture.

After checking it with the L5 valve cover gasket, also not relevant..... headache, is it another new type of rocker cover from Daihatsu JB-XXX series, or it just the matter I don't know how to install it?

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