Monday, January 24, 2011


In the earlier post, I think I had touch about the Theta II engine which is the joint project between Japan Mitsubishi and Korea Hyundai, and for this type of engine, Mitsubishi may give the code as 4B10, 4B11 or 4B12, and Hyundai is giving the engine code like G4KC.

So what is the difference among this 2 type engines, first we look at the rocker cover gasket, the top item of the photo is for Mitsubishi engine and the lower item is for Hyundai engine, the looks of design is almost same, slightly difference on the plug seal portion which it is separated from the rocker cover gasket in Hyundai item.

For the cylinder head gasket, as usual the top item is for Mitsubishi engine and the bottom is for Hyundai engine, when we compare all the holes on the gasket, it may consider same on all area, but in my very personal view, I feel that the Japan item need to have much higher technologies to produce this gasket, especially when I wish to stressing the technologies where you can find the circle around the piston bore area.

The above is the intake and exhaust manifold gasket for Korea G4KC engine, both design are totally difference from Mitsubishi engine, I had post the photo of the 4B11 and 4B12 exhaust manifold gasket in my earlier post, for intake manifold gasket, the Mitsubishi engine is using rubber O-ring type instead of packing gasket material.

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