Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Mitsubishi Lancer model which fit with 4B11 for 2.0 and 4B12 for 2.4 engine may become a popular engine that can be seen in Malaysia market. Thanks to the Proton which launch its Inspira model which the model is mostly derive from the original Lancer.

As Inspira didn't have 2.4 engine in their range, which they only put the engine on 1.8 and 2.0 capacity, hence 4B12 is not applicable to Inspira (But anyway, we know the car owner can do any modification here), the 1.8 engine will be using 4B10 and the 2.0 is the same 4B11.

So in term of engine gasket, do they have any difference? Beside the cylinder head gasket which will have the different bore size which depend on cc, the other significant different may be is their exhaust manifold gasket.

From the photo above, the top item is the exhaust manifold gasket for 4B12 and the bottom is for the 4B11 and 4B10, which you can see is the hole size on the exhaust portion and the screw hole position all are the same, but 4B12 have the extra metal part which made the gasket looks higher.

So is they any reason why they 4B12 have that extra metal area, normally they design of this kind of higher portion of exhaust manifold is said to protect the plug cable from the heat temperature coming out from the exhaust portion, since 4B10 and 4B11 don't have this portion, is the position of their plug cable is difference from 4B12?

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