Friday, January 21, 2011

Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook Volume 57

The Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2010-2011 Volume 57 is issued on the month of October 2010, and a bit difference from the previous issue, the first few pages is the introduction on the new car and motorcycles impressions interview through the Japan local user.

As usual, Motor Parade portion is the brief introduction to the new car which it may introduce to Malaysia market 2 to 3 years later, the above Nissan Fuga is one of the model that in rumour will be use for Proton Perdana V6 replacement model.

Beside the passenger car, motorcylcle model also appear in the Motor Parade section.

And the cormecial vehicle such as light truck, lorry, busses and van.

The most important in the catalog section which we can look up for valuable information such as engine code.

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